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ThetaHealing® Session

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ThetaHealing®️ has been used by the American Vianna Stibal 26 years ago, and has worked with more than 20,000 people besides her own illnesses. Over the years, it has made Thetahealing its own brand and developed it systematically by spreading all over the world. Almost all countries have 6 books translated into their own languages. Vianna Stibal has the potential to create the original future of positive thinking and psychic faculties to manifest in the moment, from time and space.

Meditation using the Theta Brain waves is a technique of imagination, recall and analysis, and it is possible to work with every subject that hinders the happiness, peace, creation and development of people in their daily lives. This technique is a holistic approach.

For a person who often has difficulty with extreme stress in his daily life, let him establish a connection with the word "no bread for the unemployed", which he developed against the situation he experienced, or learned from his parents' attitudes or relatives, even from his teacher and even a movie frame at a young age. In such a situation, even though he is in abundance in my own life, his motivation may be disturbed by the program "I have to work hard with difficulty", and he may feel neglected by his family. This situation may have created and sustained illusions and even illnesses that can affect the person's whole life.

An incorrect program that occurred at the root of the person's problem can be changed. If the belief associated with this program has developed, it can also be changed. And as a result, these feelings and beliefs experienced by the person in his daily life with a lot of difficulty, "I easily motivate me at work I know, my job and life is safe, I can express myself easily, I can stay calm and have success in my relationships at home at work, all these feelings and beliefs. I am entitled to live and it is safe and possible for me to experience all of these ”. When the blockages that have occurred in the person are removed, it may be possible to eliminate the blockages that cause health problems in the body that are affected by this situation.

Each of us climbs up to theta frequency from time to time during the day. These are the times when you feel that you have created what you want in your life and that you are moving forward by learning from your experiences. Sometimes you come out to the Theta frequency at that moment when you realize.

Another transformative method of Thetahealing is Feelings.

“It is the emotions and thoughts that grew up without knowing the real feeling of“ maternal love ”of a person who lost his mother while he was born, and that creates confusion with mental descriptions by replacing whoever is close to this reality in his own life. With this technique, we can upload with the creator's definition and perspective of "true motherly love". It is possible to break the illusions by taking an extremely effective and unknown feeling into life with its "real definition". After such a session, it is possible for all these changes to take place instantly, to increase your vibration and frequency with trust, unconditional love and comfort in the flow of life.

I have personally received the Thetahealing®️ trainer from Vianna Stibal, where I witnessed changes in my own life and in the lives of my clients.

 Programs I have trained

  • Basic DNA
  • Advanced DNA
  • Dig Deeper
  • You and the Creator
  • You and the Earth
  • Manifesting Abundance

Programs that I am a practitioner of

  • SoulMate
  • Intuitive Anatomy
  • Diseases and Disorders

Life is simple.

I'm with you to create and help.

Thank you so much for everything that I am and will be.

Trainer: Muradiye Candan