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Personalized ACMOS Bioenergy Session |
Personalized ACMOS Bioenergy Session |
Personalized ACMOS Bioenergy Session |
Personalized ACMOS Bioenergy Session |

Derya Öztürk

Personalized ACMOS Bioenergy Session



SBJ International Bioenergy Technical and Research Center Paris™ Since 1970

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Quantum Physics and extensive research

Dr. René Naccachian's original approach 'ACMOS METHOD™' created Acmos Method Balance: 21st Century, GLOBAL ENERGY BALANCE TECHNIQUE.

Human is a whole with his body, soul, mind and environment. The perfect balance of the energies that make up the human being is the main condition for sustaining a healthy life. The success of all kinds of healing methods and the sustained effect means that the balance is restored and sustained. Experiments have clearly demonstrated that maintaining and maintaining this balance is an indispensable factor for achieving the goal of any treatment and sustaining its effect.

Acmos communicates with the Energy Body to solve problems in the ’Matter Body ile by Resonance Techniques.

The purpose of the Acmos Method is to Strengthen the Natural Capacity of self-healing and regeneration.


  • Getting information from the person to the root of problems
  • Deep energy blockages, (to identify and compensate for 'vibrational discrepancies').
  • Measure and regulate energy flow (meridians) using Acmos instruments
  • To identify and neutralize environmental energy ailments (Venue, Radiation, pocket wire ...)
  • Acmos Personalized Global Energy Balance ensures lasting results
The ACMOS Lecher antenna is one of the most important tools of the Acmos Method.

"Science is claimed to be the best kept secret. Thanks to the Acmos Lecher Antenna, therapists can communicate with the 'Energetic Body'.

The antenna is a highly sensitive receptor, which receives information from the radiated energy. In order to solve one's problems, it measures and decodes the vibrations emitted by the Acmos Antenna with the Energetic Body, and incompatible with natural resonance techniques (natural products) are found and completed. In this way, the deep problems in the 'Article Body' can be corrected.

Symptoms that a person feels can be considered as indicators of a profound energy imbalance. Symptoms may be different depending on the individual: hereditary factors, hereditary factors during pregnancy, or physical and mental exposure during the lifetime of the person.

Acmos Global Energy Balance Operations:

  • Measurement 1: Measurement of energy fields (Aura) and energy flow (Meridian) with Acmos instruments
  • 2nd Compliance: Fix 'vibrational incompatibilities' with Acmos Natural Products
  • 3. Stimulation: Regulation of energy flow of meridians with Acmos instruments
  • 4. Toxin cleanse: Cleansing toxins with color therapy.
  • 5. To identify and neutralize external agressions, Acmogram and Acmosmog
  • 6. Enclosure: Stimulation of weak energy points in the person during balancing

One of the most important features of the ACMOS method is that it can dissolve the blockages in the acupuncture points by sending universal energy through the Leicher Antenna, but not without needling.

About Derya Öztürk:

In 2003, she started NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) trainings. In 2004, she received trainings on Hypnosis and Hypnosis Training from Robert Smith on Milton hypnosis and started to implement them. NLP Practitioner training from Ralph Watson and Debra Wylde and the world's first Master Trainer. She received NLP Trainer training from Wyatt Woodsmall (President of INLPTA) and received NLP training as a member and official trainer of the INLPTA Association and started giving seminars.

Since 2004, she has been giving individual counseling and seminars to people about finding new ways of life with love and wisdom.

In 2005, she became an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) instructor taught in universities within the certificate program.

ACMOS, a form of scientific approach to control the energy dimension that allows the human body to be in harmony and balance with the body, nutrition, medication and environment, and the Synergy of Matter on the Organism and its Synergy. She received her training in 2006 from Widad Nash, an instructor affiliated with SBJ International Bioenergy Technical and Research Center (Paris).
She met Dr. Grigori Grabovoi's science in 2019 and completed his education in October and received an international Instructor diploma.

Important Information:

  • 1 to 1 Personalized session 
  • Session will be held on trainer's center; Tarabya, İstanbul
  • Session last for 1 hour approximately
  • Specialist will contact you to schedule the session.