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Natural Çankırı Salt Lamp |
Natural Çankırı Salt Lamp |
Natural Çankırı Salt Lamp |

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Natural Çankırı Salt Lamp


Çankırı is a rock salt lamp. Approximate dimensions are given, all lamps are handcrafted. Width: 17 cm Height: 20 cm Weight: 3500-4000 kg

Salt lamp is a type of healthy lamp that is produced with crystal rock salt raw material and known to have many benefits for health thanks to the negative ions it emits.
Salt lamp types, the raw material of which is natural crystal Çankırı rock salt, have important benefits when evaluated in terms of health. Salt lamp benefits are the most important factor in choosing it.

As a result of the combination of crystal rock salt with heat, negative ions are released.
They are negative ions that are also effective in the benefit of the rock salt lamp. The ion emission that helps to clean the air has the power to relax people both physically and psychologically.

Negative ions fight against viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms in their environment. It cleans the air.
Since it improves the quality of the air, it provides the elimination of respiratory problems. It helps people with asthma, bronchitis, shortness of breath, snoring, runny nose, COPD to breathe more easily. By strengthening the immune system; It prevents diseases such as colds and colds.
In addition, the moisture absorption power of salt, which we can describe as a hygroscopic effect, provides both the balancing of moisture and the cleansing of the air from various pollutants. Negative ions prevent the negative effect of radiation; manages to eliminate their bad effects.
Salt Lamp can be used very easily. It is enough to plug the product that was sent after being installed with the bulb, power cable and socket and press the on-off button. If you want to take maximum advantage of the salt lamp,
We recommend that you put it in particularly damp and dirty areas.

Salt lamp does not melt when it is stopped without being operated in the environment. If there is yeast, mold, moisture in a soluble environment under one condition. In this case, turning on your salt lamp more often will absorb mold and yeast in the environment.
When the lamp of your salt lamp explodes, it is sufficient to provide it as a refrigerator lamp. It is turned on from the lower part without any screw and its lamp can be easily replaced.

3-4 Kg.