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Lavender Water (L.Intermedia) |
Lavender Water (L.Intermedia) |
Lavender Water (L.Intermedia) |
Lavender Water (L.Intermedia) |
Lavender Water (L.Intermedia) |

So Saff

Lavender Water (L.Intermedia)


Inspired by nature, So Saff produces natural products that are beneficial to human health, in glass packaging, environmentally friendly, chemical-free and preservative-free.

It is 100% Pure Lavender Water obtained while extracting lavender oil. It is obtained from the lavenders in Isparta lavender gardens by traditional methods in copper still by distillation method.
Lavender has antimicrobial properties. Since the Egyptian period, it has a wide use in the field of cleaning and skin care due to this feature.

Usage areas:

In cosmetics: You can apply it as a tonic to clean skin with the help of a cotton pad. It cleans and refreshes your skin. Soothes acne, evens out skin tone,
tightens pores. It is suitable for normal and combination skin types.

At home: Can be used for scenting environment It cleans the ambient air by killing bacteria and germs in the environment. Just add a few drops to the censer. If you don't have a censer, you can also drop it into a bowl of boiling water.
It can be used for glass surface and house cleaning by diluting with water.

You can add vinegar or dilute it with water to the washing machine softener compartment and prepare your own natural softener.

By adding it to ironing water, you can ensure that the lavender scent is present in your laundry in its healthiest and most permanent form.

It can be applied by spraying to the environment as a car smell. Sage kills bacteria in the environment at rates of 95% and above.

Smokers emit low vibration due to the smoke they emit, they reduce the energy of the environment (proven by device measurements), and it is unfavorable to burn it in a closed environment due to smoke.
Aromatic oils, on the other hand, create a sticky floor in steam diffusers. Aromatic oils also create this effect in the lungs of individuals in the diffuser room with the same stickiness.

Hydrosols, on the other hand, are the pure plant water that is formed while the aromatic oil is obtained and it is the healthiest method for cleaning the environment, scenting, and increasing vibration.
It does not leave residue / stickiness on the diffuser and lungs,

The ambient energy measurements made with the Kirlian technique device are high,

In the measurements made with air cleaning measuring devices, it is clearly measured that it cleans the air.

Content: Raw Lavender Hydrosol / Water (L.Intermedia)

Warnings: Keep closed in a cool and dark place away from children.