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Home & Kitchen Detox Online Group
Home & Kitchen Detox Online Group
Home & Kitchen Detox Online Group
Home & Kitchen Detox Online Group
Home & Kitchen Detox Online Group
Home & Kitchen Detox Online Group
Home & Kitchen Detox Online Group
Home & Kitchen Detox Online Group
Home & Kitchen Detox Online Group

So Saff

Home & Kitchen Detox Online Group


I have prepared a unique program for you to achieve maximum well-being with a healthy soul and body.

Do you think that just a healthy diet will be enough for you to be healthy? With our online tracking program, which is prepared for you to approach the subject with a more holistic perspective, we will look at healthy life from many different perspectives.

If you say I'm eating healthy but I haven't regained my health, what else can I change,

If you hear about healthy living but are unsure where to start,

If you know about healthy living but do not have time to research healthy alternatives,

If you are working in the fields of doctor, dietician, pharmacist or functional medicine coaching and want to help your clients with a more holistic perspective,

In short, a program open to anyone who wants to live a better and more aware life.

Have you ever thought that pillow filling will affect your health?

What about your slippers?

Plastic clothes treated with heavy chemicals that touch your skin every day?

Plastic in carpets and cleaning cloths.

Are you aware of the chemicals in toilet paper?

What about what you put on your skin?

Unhealthy pots and storage containers that add poison to the healthy foods you cook?

Many hidden chemicals in the kitchen?

Don't have time to research healthy alternatives that will transform your home and you?

Are you ready to transform your home surrounded by plastics and chemicals that increase your stress levels and trigger diseases, into a more ecological and healthy one?

The program will start on Monday, May 10th.
In the 4th week, a wide range of resources for healthy and ecological shopping is waiting for you on everything you can think of such as detergent recipes, healthy care suggestions, home, kitchen, clothing.
I will transmit voice recordings over Telegram in a daily interval of 40 minutes to 1 hour. It will come in shorter or longer recordings depending on the topic. You can listen to the recordings whenever you want.
We will do a total of 4 sessions of live broadcast questions / answers on Saturdays.
When I match your payment, you will be added to the exact registration telegram group, which you will be on hold until May 9.
I will start transmitting information from our group on May 10th.
I suggest you scroll through the weekly schedule details.

Week 1 - Becoming a good tag reader
Detergent and cosmetic chemicals
Artificial fragrances
Artificial fabrics, paper towels and pads
Mattress & pillow fillers
Artificial light and radiation

Week 2 - Home Detox
Negative ion
Detox in bedrooms
Healthy fabrics for clothing and home textiles
Detox in bathroom areas
Salon detox

Week 3 - Kitchen Detox
Hidden dangers in the kitchen
Cooking & Storage solutions
Healthy alternatives in kitchen textiles
Adjusting the kitchen according to radiation - Smart devices - radio wave radiations
Home air toxic pollutants
Increase the vibration of the house, clean the air

Week 4 - Conversion Solutions
Cleaning agent recipes (do it yourself)
Self-care advice
Radiation and artificial light solutions
Large list of shopping resources that may be needed in the transformation of your entire home