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Flower of Life Orgonite |

Ida Orgonite

Flower of Life Orgonite


Flower of Life Orgonite

Pattern of Flower of Life is the origin of sacred proportions that make up everything in the universe. This sacred geometry helps us to reach the reality of ourselves and the universe. It is believed that the intuitive power of the person carrying this form will increase and be protected from negative energies. In fact, these are spheres, not circles. It should be considered as three-dimensional or even multi-dimensional. The Flower of Life contains 5 bodies of the plateau and the Cuban of Metatron. Those forms also build all existence. It is associated with sacred geometry. It is used in all heavenly religions. Archeological studies in different geographies of the world (South America, Anatolia, Middle East, Egypt, Asia, Far Asia, Africa) have been found. The reason for calling Flower of Life is not only because it resembles flower but also because it represents the stages of the fruit tree.

This ancient image, symbolizing the center of the material and spiritual realms and creative power, is a powerful symbol of eternity and whispers to us the miracles of life. The flower of life is the expression of the sacred proportions that make up everything in the universe. The flower of life, which should be considered as three-dimensional or even multi-dimensional, contains Plato's 5 special objects, Metatron's cube, the tree of life and Vesica Pisces symbols. The flower of life, commonly used in all heavenly religions, describes the perfection of creation and connects us to this energy.

The Flower of Miracles, the symbol of eternal abundance, is the most powerful symbol that transmits the creation and abundance energy of the universe. This symbol, which incorporates the principle of integrity in spite of difference, enables us to find our place in the network of life and start innovations easily. The flower of life that keeps the secret of the divine abundance in it keeps us in touch with our essence as we move along our path and illuminates our way with light. This symbol, which expresses that everything is a single creative source in life and the relation of everything that exists with each other, opens new doors in our way and frees us in every new step. The flower of life, the symbol of innovation, connects us with new connections in harmony.

When we carry this symbol or meditate with it, every 'new' person, culture, belief that we encounter becomes a new opportunity; it enriches and strengthens us materially and spiritually. We always feel safe as part of a whole. We can easily see the place of every step we take and all the opportunities ahead. The feelings of gratitude and gratitude in our souls increase and we start to make new decisions easily in life. All our desires, which are seeds, are fed with the light of our soul and become flowers that nourish the whole universe, soul and body, giving magic fruits.

Those who are interested in this subject can read Merkaba's deep meaning in detail in ”The Forgotten Secret of the Flower of Life I and II”.

It contains 11 different crystal natural stones. Necklace rope, card with contents, descriptive brochure, gift package are included.

We put natural stones and crystals in every organonite.

Each organonite is unique and special design.

One of the features of orgonite is that it cleans itself, there is a constant flow of energy. No extra cleaning required. But occasionally, it may be good to ground. You can program your orgonite by resting in full moon and new moon light and installing new intentions.