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Calcium Bentonite Clay (White) |
Calcium Bentonite Clay (White) |
Calcium Bentonite Clay (White) |

So Saff

Calcium Bentonite Clay (White)


Bentonite clay, also known as Montmorillonite, is a type of volcanic clay. Thanks to the electromagnetic negative charge it contains, it is a natural substance that helps to remove bacterial and toxic substances from the body and thus cleanses the skin from unnecessary oils.
So Saff Bentonite Clays were supplied directly from Turkey Bentonite mines. Bentonite mines whose soil is clean and all analyzes are made that do not let bentonite chemically process were preferred.

In contact with water, it swells 2-3 times. It is used as a skin care mask in cosmetic products. It is an important detox product for the skin and body.
Calcium Bentonite is white in color. It is made of 100% Bentonite.

PH: 9.7

It is a drinkable form. The amount and duration should be determined with expert advice.

What Can You Do With Bentonite Clay? As a skin mask, detox, dental cleaning products, hair care mask
Bentonite clay masks purify the skin, cleanse the pores and leave the beneficial minerals it contains to the skin with its natural peeling and mineral-rich feature. The negative ions it contains draws subcutaneous toxins away from the skin.
Thus, by creating a detox effect on the skin, it helps to have an illuminating and soft appearance. If you don't have time to make masks, you can check out our So Saff Bentonite masks.

Bentonite clay toothpastes are effective in whitening the teeth while purifying the inside of the mouth with the bentonite clay in their content.
It is a very reliable toothpaste that can be preferred by children as it does not contain any additives. If you do not have time to paste, you can check out So Saff Toothpaste with Bentonite clay.

We should not forget to take care of our pets, which is very valuable for all of us.
You can easily use bentonite clay for the care of our pets.

Using a mask: Mix one part clay and two parts water slowly in a glass bowl to form a paste. (Do not use metal containers or spoons etc.) Try to use drinking water as there is chlorine in the tap water.
You can prepare your clay mask with any liquid you know can benefit your skin. Instead of water, you can mix rose hydrosol, rose water, chamomile water, lavender water, lavender vinegar, fermented skin tonic, etc. Oils such as olive oil-grape seed oil can be added.
Adding aloe vera gel or herbal glycerin increases the effect of the mask and prevents your skin from drying.

Let it rest for a few minutes. - Then apply a thin layer to your face / problem area. - Wash with lukewarm water without stretching your face (about 10 minutes is sufficient) before it dries thoroughly.
Then, you can complete your care by moisturizing it with rose hydrosol or aloe vera gel.

It should be applied 1-2 times a week.

- Clay mask gives positive results when applied to ingrown skins. - You can use it not only on the face but also on the back of the shoulders with acne.

Warning: Out of reach of children, cool,
Keep it closed in a dry environment. Before applying it to the whole skin, be sure to test it on a small part of the skin. Since it contains negative ions, avoid contact with metal.

Origin: Turkey

About Calcium Bentonite Clay: They are clays with extremely high ion exchange capacity compared to other clays.
Again, compared to other group clays, they are unique in their capacity to absorb and absorb toxic toxins. All kinds of bacteria, viruses, fungi, diseases, toxic wastes, chemicals, electronic devices, artificial fabrics, radiation waves that attack our bodies are positively charged ions.
The ion charge of calcium bentonite clay is negative when it is pure. Positive charges are absorbed or attracted by the calcium bentonite clay. When we apply the reconstituted Calcium Bentonite clay to the surface of our skin or drink its pure form, its only function keeps the positive ions inside or on its surface like a magnet.
This event takes place inside or outside the body. When it stops the skin surface or is excreted from the body through feces, then these molecules attacking our body are also destroyed from our body together with Calcium Bentonite clay.

200 Gr.