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Black Plain Bowl 15 cm |


Black Plain Bowl 15 cm


In ancient times, Ancient Tibetan Bowls were used by Buddhist monks when meditating. Buddhist sound bowls
The reason they used it was to create the silent space needed to get into meditation. Because the sound of a Tibetan bowl and
It creates an area of ​​silence around its vibration and provides rooting and grounding. The sound and vibration of these bowls is very deep. This facilitates rooting and grounding.

It silences the noises you are not aware of in the back of your mind. So the thoughts that arise before your mind
easier for you to observe. You start to see your thoughts flowing before your eyes like clouds or a river. And you don't feel the need to hold onto any thoughts. An area of ​​trust and peace begins to form.

This area is the area of ​​deep silence. This area is an area of ​​peace and trust. This area is the transition area into a complete meditation state. This field means that the root chakra is solidified and the energy is ready to set off towards the upper chakras. As deep tones are effective on the root chakra, high-pitched tones are highly cultivated in activating the upper chakras.

Healing exercises are effective when done right in this area of ​​deep silence. Because this area is a peaceful, calm and mindful
is the area of ​​vitality. And in this area one realizes that he is already healing and that nothing can touch him. This area
It is possible to expand and reflect it to your life with the continuity of such studies.

Nowadays, we see how the east and west are synthesized. As a result, Tibetan bowls are
It has been used in various healing fields. Although it does not have much history; To conduct experiments and write scientific articles on how Tibetan bowls are effective in the field of healing, as well as on sound, frequency and vibration.
has been started.

Thanks to our today's knowledge as a human being; With Tibetan bowls; We can do sound therapies and sound massages, we can work in the healing and healing areas, we can use it to relieve pain and pain, we can work on the chakras,
We can do balancing and purification therapies, and use them to gain calmness and vitality. Cleansing the mind, the vision
We can use it for clarification and vijulization studies. Yoga, yoga sleep and meditation practices
we can use.

Tibetan bowls take their place in his home as an indispensable basic instrument of healing studies.