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Ajna Chakra Orgonite |

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Ajna Chakra Orgonite


Ajna chakra Orgonite

The necklace has a special design eye motif on the handle and is made of real silver rose plated.

There are 11 different natural stones inside.

Necklace rope, card with contents, descriptive brochure, gift package are included.

Ajna, guru chakra or third eye chakra is the sixth primary chakra in the body according to Hindu tradition. It is obviously a part of the brain that can be strengthened by meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices, just like a muscle. In the Hindu tradition, the subconscious mind indicates a direct connection with the brahman.

Ajna chakra, the second from the last in the seven-stage system of classical chakras, is the center of awareness in the path of consciousness. With this awareness increase, it may be possible to focus on the unity; With the opening of the Third Eye, trans-sensory perceptions emerge, intuitive cognition develops, and our thought begins to transcend the boundaries of time and space. With the elimination of these restrictions, the limits of the mind and mind can be overcome.

Ajna Chakra is our center that will solve and purify our negative karma. The following have no such power. This is because the functions of each other are different. Ajna is also the chakra in which kundalini is mature enough and tamed. For this reason, it is called ‘Internal Guru’ or ‘Management Center’. Without this chakra being opened, there is no way that the ancient masters can often become the free observer and unconditional witness of what is happening. This is also the realization of the causality and the laws related to them, understanding the unfoundedness of our fears, our commitment is exceeded; to reach a level from which the extra-mind ‘intuitive knowledge edin can be acquired. In other words, its opening is like waking up from a completely virtual dream, from the world of mental delusions and delusions to the world of reality. Ajna Chakra; ida, pingala and susumna energy channels are the most close to each other in the body. In ancient Indian traditions, this place is called iva Shiva Knot. Because as a result of the interaction of these three great powers, the mind is purified and transformed into consciousness; Awareness and expansion are provided, and samadhi is transformed into integrity. The importance of the forehead chakra and its difference from the others is that no chakra that cannot relate to it can be opened in another way and sufficiently.

With the opening of the Ajna chakra, you will observe that your intuition power gradually increases, and that different types of energies become noticeable and you start to gain the clairvoyance (if any) increase, and there are significant increases and expansions in your two-way telepathy skills. Those who manage to open their third eye can easily focus, concentrate in less time; they may feel inner peace, peace itself. In this way, it can be felt that they have been directed towards Unity Consciousness. In fact, this is an indication of the development of the perception power and ability that is found in everyone but which cannot be revealed due to the way of life, established habits and belief conditioning. As long as it cannot be revealed, such an important power always remains ‘hidden‘. Therefore, most of us are not aware of such potential. In other words, our physical and mental bodies, which are very valuable instruments; if their blockages can be removed and the constraints caused by that situation can be overcome, they will be more easily freed and become more aware of life and enjoy the An in a shorter time.

One of the features of orgonite is that it cleans itself, there is a constant flow of energy. No extra cleaning required. But occasionally, it may be good to ground. You can program your orgonite by resting in full moon and new moon light and installing new intentions.