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#stayhomestaysafe | Mind your productivity and yourself |


These days we need to stay at home and we should keep our motivation high at all times. While our psychology is trying to adapt on this new issue day by day, we are here with our collection that will both increase our work efficiency at home and allow you to spend quality time!
Akaşa Publications |

Akaşa Publications



It contains all the senses, is the source of everything that exists and
sanskrit meaning "memory of the world"
We were inspired by the word "Akasha" by Mavi Istanbul,
writer-director Gamze İstanbulluoğlu
and television-actor Aslı Mavitan's friendship,
It is a reflection of this colorful collection of natural stones.

Wishing each stone to heal your soul ...
Aris Diamond |

Ariş Diamond

The story of Ariş Diamond, who tells the passion of a family that has worked for three generations from grandfather to grandfather in jewellery sector, started in 1906 in a small workshop in Mardin. Since the first years of the establishment, the family has been working with creativity, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Since then, Ariş Diamond's expertise in innovative creativity has made it the pioneer of the sector.
Aromatherapy |


Aromatherapy is the use of oils obtained by distilling the root, leaf or flower of plants to prevent diseases and to treat diseases that have also occurred. If we trace aromatherapy essential oils, it goes back to Ancient Egypt.

Aromatherapy essential oils, which were used in all kinds of health problems at that time, are used today in massage, respiration, space odor, baths and creams.

Asha Candle |

Asha Candle

Asha candles illuminates it's surroundings and emits energy with the crystal inside.

When the candle burns with your wish, the light of the flame is initiated with the stone and harmonizes. When the candle is finished, the stone emerges and continues to emit energy. Let the light be with you...

Book Collection |


Personal development and books on spiritual research is our best friend. Our collection is here specially crafted for you.

Bracelet |


We have brought together elegant bracelet models for those who love simplicity. These products for healing are the type you will always want to carry with you.
Ceres Publications |

Ceres Publications

Founded in 2011, Ceres Publications set out to increase the value of positive perception in an era when world changed its shell, competition increased and motivation tools changed.

We are publishing novels that will touch our soul including; personal development, transformation, social media, economy, motivation, sales-marketing, innovation, digital networks, management, production.

Because we care about the behavioral patterns and dynamics of our society, we realize that many of the published books are not suitable for these dynamics; We have created and expanded our staff of writers and trainers who understand the society, have worked and experienced both in management and in the field of business life.

We organize seminars, trainings, hobby workshops and motivation speeches through our partnerships with corporate companies with our staff consisting entirely of Turkish writers.

Create a Cosmos |

Create a Cosmos

Create Cosmos, actually a dream of universe…
This universe; inspired by hundreds of objects and rituals that it believes has been good for centuries and brings luck and fertility, it forms a perfect whole with nature and animals. Because one cannot exist without the other, and if one is not respected, the other has difficulty breathing.

Cosmos Creator, coming out of this talented world; It aims to represent products that respect human, animal and nature.

We try to develop technology that is compatible with nature in all processes, most of which are handmade, with a packaging time for design and planning.

Create a Cosmos with many different stories that you will find in Cosmos; to be good for something. Give it to yourself, to your loved ones, to animals, to nature... to everyone. We hope and dear, it is good for everything. After all, it starts with a little favor, then spreads.
Derya Öztürk |

Derya Öztürk

Expert psychologist Derya Öztürk got acquainted with the science of Grigori Grabovoi and received a her trainer diploma in 2019. Öztürk organizes seminars on Grabovoi techniques at her own consultancy and personal development center. She explains in the seminars that every negative emotion can be turned into a positive by using the number sequences, science methods that are purely scientific and essentially imaginative techniques.
Dilek Koç |

Dilek Koç

I was born in 1974 in Istanbul. After graduating from the Department of Banking and Finance at Bilkent University, I worked in the finance departments of various banks and companies.
Spiritual teachings and crystals have always aroused my curiosity. The universe always sends us what we need and brings it to us. In 2014, Reiki came across to my path. I became Instructor of Reiki Master in 2017, I received my Crystal Therapist Trainer certificate in 2018 and started to give trainings in my atelier and also started Reiki and crystal therapy sessions.
As we walk along this path, when we open ourselves to spiritual space and experience, I realize that how much the Earth could be differentiated, how our perceptions and experiences could go in a beautiful direction. The healing of Reiki and the energy of the crystals are a great gift from the Universe.
Dr. Mikao Usui's greatest wish was the spread of Reiki to the world. Being a part of this dream is a deep happiness. Taking advantage of the energies and powers of the crystals is the greatest contribution we can make to ourselves during our journey…
And all possitive feedback that I receive constantly from my students and clients is the greatest reward of my journey.
Earring |


Did you know that the ear is the most energy consuming organ after the brain? Don't miss out on these unique earrings to balance your energy! Logo

We often don’t pay enough attention to our wellbeing, our precious moments, and our health in our daily routine. Taking medication is not the proper way to heal. Having a meaningful life is based on our intentions about life. We aim to strengthen your intention with the We take advantage of the power of natural crystal stones to bring enthusiasm, fertility, joy, ease and peace to the dimension of your entire life.

İda Orgonite |

İda Orgonite

Orgonite is a continuously working device made of natural stones, crystals, metals and resin that balances the energy around it. Ida orgone devices that help balance mental and physical health; Ida Orgonite, whose name is inspired by the natural and fertile Kaz Mountains and the energy of its nature, is a product of the joint dream, hand labor and love of experienced organonite artist Ozan Akbayrak and designer Dilara Serçe.
Incense and Candles |

Incense and Candles

Feelheal is ready to do everything to make you feel good and heal while addressing your five senses. Our natural incense and candles will complement the décor of your home and will circulate all the beautiful energies in your home.

International Women's Day |

International Women's Day

We have prepared a special collection for women who represent the sacrifice, productivity and representation of all aspects of their lives with their assets, which are the cornerstones of a peaceful, happy and healthy society! Would you like to present these products containing endless love and tolerance to remind them of how valuable they are?
Jewellery |


Let’s balance our energy and remove negative energies with accessories that complement our daily clothes? Exclusive products are here for you.

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