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What is the Thymus Gland? What Does It Do? How to Activate?

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What is the Thymus Gland? What Does It Do? How to Activate?

Author: Glutensiz Dünya

Instagram: @glutensizdunyacom

TARZAN knew his job! So are gorillas.

I would like to share information that I think should be taught to children of all ages starting from kindergarten. I thought everybody knows, I didn't write; it turned out not like that. A very simple but effective tip.

Actually, I will explain a 3-sentence, 2-minute method. But first, I have to explain what we do and why. For those who may not understand what they read when it is finished, I added the rest to my blog with videos. I especially recommend you to watch the doctor who both laughs and pits. 2 birds with one stone. The link to continue will be in the profile area.

First of all, we have soldiers in the body that we call T CELL (a type of white blood cell / lymphocyte). These; finds and destroys infected cells. Go and destroy! They hunt cells that have been damaged, infected, or even cancerous for any reason.

Scientists call them "serial killers in our blood", they are actually right. Because while billions of our cells are standing still, their task is to lock on the target and kill only that cell. They try to destroy (!) Neighboring cells by secretly injecting poisonous molecules.

Helper T cells, on the other hand; It remembers the microbes encountered in the body many years ago and takes precautions (antibodies). It is also responsible for immune system responses such as diabetes, immune system diseases such as MS, allergic reactions, eg gluten intolerance. In summary, it has more than one type (because each type has a separate task); but the hunters I'm interested in (Killer T Cell = Cytotoxic T Cell = Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte)

For this reason, T cells must first learn to recognize and distinguish benign from bad. The place where they receive training on this subject is the Thymus gland. Even though the thymus is responsible for the production of certain hormones, it has more of a vital role in maintaining / teaching how to fight immunity than the endocrine system. In summary; Thymus = Cell School.

The thymus gland has so many functions, and even a spiritual aspect directly related to the heart chakra! But this is not our topic. 🙂 A 35-gram blade manages our life energy, vitality and joy. Cheerful people do not age, as they can sustain the intense vibrations of the thymus. How so? Is coming.

There are 3 ways to vibrate the thymus gland, which is huge in childhood, which starts to dry up after adolescence and shrinks to the size of a walnut and then a lentil in the elderly, and activates the T cells and revives immunity:

1) Laughing. When he laughs, the vibration that occurs when he laughs invigorates the thymus.

2) Hitting the point on the thymus, either with a fist or with 3 fingers. (Breathe deeply through the nose by counting to 4, hold for 4 seconds and count again to 4. While doing this, try to get upright as if you are being pulled up from your hair while you breathe, and while you give in, do not bother with counting breaths, etc.; Don't worry if you can't get it through the nose; Take deep breath, hit 30 sec (thymus tapping) pit-pit to your thymus.

3) Touching our tongue behind the upper teeth and the roof of the mouth. Like God says. It is not enough to explain the meaning of dhikr, it may not be enough; but the meaning of the biology behind is not like to be taken lightly!

Do it when you get up, during the day, when you go to bed. Do it when you are angry, overwhelmed, sad, worried. It is purely instinctive for the lament to hit the chest. They unwittingly stimulate the thymus for stamina and survival.

Reminder: In one of the videos, the doctor hits "2 birds with one stone" both laughing and hitting the thymus. In one, how our T cells destroy the damaged cell, it is visualized.

A breathing technique I got from Vitamingiller directly activates the thymus here.

Okay then. I wish all of us days with thymus vibrating.

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