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What Is Kombucha and What Is It Used For?

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What Is Kombucha and What Is It Used For?

Author: Ezgi Okyay

Instagram: @shamansecret

What is Kombucha? It is a probiotic and prebiotic beverage obtained from a special culture made of yeast and bacteria, formed by fermenting these bacteria with sugar and tea. Although Kombucha tea is a beverage that came out of the Far East 2000 years ago, it has a very common usage all over the world. These countries include developed countries such as England, America, Russia and Germany. Kombucha is generally used for therapeutic purposes. Major domains are; metabolic disorders, atherosclerosis, arthritis, diabetes, fatigue, stress, old age.

Kombucha and its Effect on the Skin

Kombucha has also been reported as a result of observations that hyaluronic acid and other organic acids are good for the skin.
First of all, it is useful to mention what is hyaluronic acid. The word hyaluronic in the hyaluronic acid phrase means "glass" in Greek. "HA" is used as an abbreviation and has effects on skin elasticity.

The important benefits are as follows;
• Reduces skin wrinkles.
• It reduces the appearance of freckles.
• Eliminates brown spots.
• It has a moisturizing effect on the skin.

Kombucha also helps remove toxins and heavy metals from the body. In addition, it contains a significant amount of vitamin C. Both of these effects are effective in increasing the brightness and health of the skin.
We recommend not only drinking Kombucha, but also topically applying it tonically. Because today we see that probiotics are used in many skin care products and studies show us that Kombucha is good for skin problems when applied topically.
Likewise, friction of your wet scalp with a handful of combs will be very good after bathing.

Effects on Healthy Nutrition and Skin

It is also useful to sum up the effects of Kombucha on other health under this heading. Because Kombucha, which has a rich content, has high effects on health as well as its effects on skin.

If we list the features item by item;

• It speeds up the metabolism and regulates your bowel movements, regulates your body's weight, the rate of fat, and is effective in slimming.
• Edema is suppressive, i.e. diuretic.
• It acts as a shield against fungi. Candida protects against excessive increase. (Contrary to what is wrongly known, Kombucha is NOT a cork, so the questions, "How is a beverage made from cork good against cork?" Is essentially wrong. Kombucha culture is a bacterial and yeast colony.)
• Helps prevent and reduce inflammation.
• It controls the reproductive system and makes it more regular.

The benefits of Kombucha do not end with counting. It has many more features. Let us list the items that are more general than other titles again for you;
• It extends the life because it provides a healthy life.
• It stimulates all glands and hormone defenses and enables them to work more effectively.
• It keeps your body's pH in balance.
• It helps the excretion of toxic (toxic) substances in the body with urine.
• Especially accelerate your blood circulation. It increases the intravascular flexibility and protects the body against cardiovascular diseases.
• In addition to blood circulation, it provides noticeable regulation, especially in heart rhythm.
• It has blood purifying feature.
• Thanks to the vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 it contains, it repairs the nervous system and provides maintenance.
• It keeps high blood pressure under control and is effective in relieving your restlessness.

Kombucha and Asthma Crisis
It has been reported to have an effect on relieving asthma and asthma attacks. It stabilizes the blood sugar level, and thanks to this feature, it has a preventive feature that you can enter the sugar crisis and eat sugar and lose weight. Therefore, it is suitable for both diet and diabetes use.
It has mitigating allergies for those with allergic conditions. It even has anti-allergic effects in regular use. Thanks to glucuronic acid, one of the most precious organic acids it contains, it cleans the liver and gallbladder and helps its regeneration. In other words, it also has a feature to prevent cirrhosis. Going to the toilet by making clear adjustments in kidney activities effectively increases the stone casting and filtering tasks.
It has been noted in many studies that it is good for cancer diseases, which is one of the important diseases of today. It acts by eliminating the radiation caused by the antioxidant effect and providing protection against it. It also plays an effective role in the renewal, arrangement and repair of cell walls.

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