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What is an Orgonite?

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What is an Orgonite?

Author: Ozan Akbayrak

Instagram: @idaorgonite

What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is a continuously working device made of metal, resin and crystal that balances the energy around it.

Dr. Freud's student. In the 1930s, Wilhelm Reich discovered the existence of the cosmic life energy, which he called the orgone, by scientific method. As a result of these researches, he developed the first orgone accumulator by combining organic and inorganic substances in layers.

How does Orgonite work?

The resin in the orgone shrinks during the drying process, continuously compresses the quartz crystal, creating a piezoelectric effect within the crystal.

The perfect symmetrical molecular structure of the crystal produces a voltage, frequency when exposed to external power. This allows the crystal to continuously and powerfully transmit its frequency and transform the energies around it without the need for cleaning. Therefore, the energy concentrated in the organonite is cleaned and amplified by the crystal. Orgonite, It is here that Reich becomes a generator that converts the negative energy, called deadly orgone energy, into positive energy (POR).

Resin absorbs (organic) energy, crystals that have formed in thousands of years and carry the earth's vibration frequency balance the energy and metals (inorganic) repel the energy, that is, give out balanced energy.

Resin is a carbon-based organic material and is affected by the sound, frequency, and intentions around it, as can be observed during the crystallization process, just as the water freezes.

Therefore, the resin can be programmed with certain intentions during the crystallization process. This period of time is of great importance in the production of orgonite as the orgonite will bear the traces of the energies that it is affected during crystallization. During this time, positive intentions, sound vibrations and frequency increase the efficiency of the organonite. The main reason for using recine is that it is the best material that transmits the trapped energy in the crystals.

With Orgonite, we can protect ourselves from the chaos of the surrounding energies and reduce the electromagnetic radiation pollution in the places we live.

Main Benefits of Orgonite:

  • Regulates the molecular structure of the air and water around it. (When you wait for half an hour next to the cup of water you drink, the molecular structure of the water becomes more harmonic and the alkaline value is balanced.)
  • Emits healthy negative ions. It converts negative ions in the environment into positive.
  • Reduces the harmful effects of Electro Magnetic Radiation. It removes radioactive energy from electronic devices such as television, telephone and computer. Orgonite becomes a kind of protection shield
  • Supports the body's immune and endocrine system.
  • Improves mental discipline by increasing attention and concentration.
  • Helps cleanse and activate chakras.
  • Balances the body's overall energy level by increasing the vibration frequency of the cells.
  • Helps plants, vegetables and fruits grow healthier. You can observe the change in the plant by placing orgonite at the root of a dying or withered plant and waiting for a week or two.
  • Improves sleep and dream quality. It allows you to remember your dreams more clearly when you put them on your bedside while you sleep.
  • Intuition and psychic forces to wake up, helps strengthen.
  • When you specify an intention and upload it to your orgonite, it works within that intention.
  • Helps balance mental and physical health.

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