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What Does Nioli Oil (Niaouli) Do? Nioli Oil Against Herpes

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What Does Nioli Oil (Niaouli) Do? Nioli Oil Against Herpes

Author: Glutensiz Dünya

Instagram: @glutensizdunyacom

What have I discovered? Have you heard of niaouli (nioli) oil? It fascinated me. I wrote on Instagram in May 2018, I forgot to post it on the blog. There, you can see the comments to the post, ie the experiences.

When the last experiences, stress and bittatic flu (+ antibiotic use) shook the intestines, namely immunity, spring cleaning was crowned with herpes on my lips. What would happen? Like aphthae, cold sores are a clear indication of reduced immunity. But also a precious cure.

I was glad he hadn't had herpes in years; because when I have it, it does not pass before 1 week; it stretches, spreads and bleeds. It's neither scary - grandmother's way - with a wooden spoon, neither garlic nor that famous ointment There are obvious traces of the last herpes, which I always camouflage with light lipstick. That's why it's my nightmare.

If we add that I drank medicine such as roasted chickpeas during those sleepless and stressful periods, which ranged from pot meals to fast-foo, I understand that it is normal now. Then there was no awareness, let me read about the effects of nutrition and sleep on health… With a homeopathic point of view, what herpes tells… The visa weeks passed by going gropingly, drinking ready meals, UHT milk and instant coffees like water. Anyway.

I had a mini bottle of Niaouli oil, which I know as being incredibly effective against urinary tract and fungal infections, but I haven't tried. We had all survived Influenza B in turn. (Did we get through, really, the aftershocks overlapped, seemed to end?) First of all, my aunt came out with herpes, early in the morning and in the evening, we applied the oil to the lips by applying a pitpit, it dried up. As soon as the cold sore starts to burn, we pour 1-2 drops on cotton and press the hop on the cold sore. I thought it was a coincidence and I thought that his body recovered quickly.

Then, 1 day later, it was on my lower lip. After breakfast, I dropped nioli on the napkin. In the evening, I dropped it on cotton and pressed it lightly with my hand for a while. Two or three times the next day, I could not remember. And my personal record is that a flight goes out in 2 days and does not poison my life.

And yet, I will not share it now, but who should share it? Please research the following oil: It is recommended to drop 1 drop on underwear and partial shower by adding 10 drops to 1 liter of bath water every day. Discuss the necessary conditions with your doctor and aromatherapy specialist pharmacist. Niaouli, which is a relative of tea tree oil and can be used in similar situations or as a substitute. I bought it from the pharmacy, not from a herbalist. Pharm that introduces me to the magical world of these oils and answers my questions without getting tired. Thank you to Güneş Güleryüz.

Pain relieving effect, anti-fungal effect, anti-rheumatic effect that warms the joints and increases blood circulation in rheumatism / gout pains, antiseptic effect that prevents the formation of germs, fungi and bacteria, antidote effect in insect bites and stings and many more. This depth is beyond me.

I tried it on cold sores and pimples that suddenly became painful and gigantic. It dries immediately, without collecting pus. It is no longer missing from my bag, my luggage on vacation. Niaouli

I can't put a photo of herpes, as you know, let it not show up.


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