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What Does Epsom Salt Foot Bath Do? What are the benefits?

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What Does Epsom Salt Foot Bath Do? What are the benefits?

Author: Glutensiz Dünya

Instagram: @glutensizdunyacom

Our subject is Epsom Salt (= English salt = magnesium sulfate). Do not mix with table salt! Relieves joint and muscle pain (including headache), soothes inflammation, repairs skin dryness and mini cuts, excites even vegetables / fruits / herbs when given as a fertilizer, reduces stress, cheers up the mood (mg intake is claimed to increase serotonin), calms, mouth and used in dental care, good for sleep disorders and digestive system problems (especially constipation), natural pain reliever, chronic fatigue and cold intolerance.

Pregnant, breastfeeding people, those with kidney disease, those who are forbidden to use magnesium, children under 6 years old, attention! 6 age alert; Standard warning for essential oil and epsom, as there is not enough work. Do not use without consulting a doctor.

There are comments from the drinkers, but I did not drink, it is not recommended, severe diarrhea cases were encountered due to sudden bowel motility. Consult your doctor.

So why should I use it? For detox. Sadly, we gave Kaan new antibiotics. Not to mention the aspirin etc he bought for months. Epsom salt bath (especially in autism, as it is part of a heavy metal detox) is recommended for children for detoxification purposes and to remove toxins and facilitate recovery in cases of colds.

Kaan (4 years old 🐼) does not like sitting in the bathtub and playing with water, he does not like bathing. We try a foot bath. @dromersaltan suggested the following mix. 2 times a week. Salt will also do just fine if you can't find clay and oils. Our clay and oils are on the way yet.

  • 1 cup of Epsom salt
  • 1 cup bentonite clay
  • 3 drops of coriander essential oil
  • 3 drops of frankincense (daily) oil
  • 10_15 min foot bath in lukewarm water.

It would be better to get salt, clay and oils from the pharmacy. There are 1001 kinds of products; including those under the stairs. Immortal flower oil is also recommended, but if you grate the diamond at home and add it, it will be more economical. More expensive than rose oil, you think. Those who fill the bath with water and have the opportunity to enjoy can be like cotton in 20 minutes spiritually.

Healing to those who try, Cheers to those who know and share with us for what purpose and how they use it.

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