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What Do You Say To The Sirius Gate Transforming Your Life?

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What Do You Say To The Sirius Gate Transforming Your Life?

Author: Nüket Ünlü

Instagram: @molivatash

While chatting with a friend, we started our deep conversation by examining that most of the people come from certain stars, even some species are laboratory products, reptilians, ufo, other alien races. The topic naturally came to crop circles. When we examine the crop circles, which have not yet been explained, we see that they have left the knowledge of covid 19 with the last DNA spiral and molecule drawings, I said as I conclude my sentence. I said I wish I could distribute such a symbol to humanity who protect it like this. There is a symbol I added so you can think about it, and it dethrones the evil eye bead that the dark side has given people for thousands of years as a protection. And everywhere the symbol of the bright side begins to exist. It would be a great thing. And after I sent my friend out late at night. That night I started working on a completely different topic to hold a transgender meeting with my inner guides.

Communication through head voice, heart voice trance, think of a conversation, whatever you call it. It's a great communication channel where you get the right answers to each of your questions.

At the end of these internal conversations, I asked them to tell them what the objects and symbols are believed to protect the world and humanity. And then they showed me the SIRIUS GATE SYMBOL and explained its meaning and how to use it.

The Sirius Gate is a special symbol of protection that comes to us from the divine power, since nobody wanted such information from God with their free will before, naturally no symbol information belonging to the bright side was received and used within the scope of universal laws. The bright side cannot tell you to get it unless you want the right information. If the bright side does not harm the free will, it will share it with every student who demands it from them, who has been channeled, who has done his duty properly and who cannot abuse the information he has received. They follow up, as soon as they sense the possibility of abuse, this information and all other information provided is taken from your hand, from your memory.

Let's come to the Sirius Gate Guard, the Sirius star is the closest star to our Universe. And its direction is the closest and clearest star seen from the north pole.

For this reason, when the world and humanity were created, the first contact with us were the living beings of the Sirius Planet. Since one of the things that exists in the world is the quartz crystal, beings from Sirius have combined their symbols of protection into quartz crystals, a magnificent negative energy cleanser and an enormous protection, and have given it to humanity. But when the dark side started to take over everything in the world, the Sirius door symbol was buried so deep that it could never be removed, and it was replaced by the observation symbol, where the dark side interfered with free will.
The Sirius Gate is a very strong protection. Hangs in the north direction of your home or business.

The Sirius Gate is prepared with 20 large and 11 small quartz crystals. This is the finished version.

Isn't it a marvelous feeling to know that the sacred symbol protects you, the gift of this divine power to humanity?

This healing will spread all over the world...

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