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The power of words

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The power of words

Author: Stella Namet Abulafya

Instagram: @s_telllll

I participated in a freelance writing study. My mentor said: "Where do you feel when I say power?"

When I was questioning where my power is, I got to know Nikki Lilly on social media @nikkililly_. I discovered among the posts connected from there. I listened to her tiny age and those powerful words that gushed out of a tiny body.

The name of Nikki's illness; 'Arteriovenous Malformation' or 'Shopping Center'. Nikki, who did not allow her illness to prevent her happiness and was a very successful Youtuber in a very short time, has 45,000 subscribers and more than 2 million views.

In a video; "Focus on happy things, not sad things." said Nikki; "You may be negative and not enjoy your life, or you can be positive and live a perfect, healthy, pleasant and happy life." says.

If you follow someone who speaks such powerful words, won't you support you when you feel powerless?

On the same day, I wake up with a bitter news. I wake up as a classic Sunday morning and encounter news of the death of Kobe Bryant's 13-years old daughter from a helicopter crash.

We are unaware that an earthquake has occurred a few days ago, the hearts are injured and an avalanche will fall after a few days, and then an airplane will crash.

Kobe is one of the kings of the basketball world, but where I concentrate is the power created by his words.

"If you believe you will lose, you will probably lose," he said.

He has always emphasized that his career at the summit and the name of many successful basketball players at the summit is not a coincidence but a result of serious studies. The man in this fascinating character believed that he was going to be a bigger basketball player than Michael Jordan when he was still a child and he managed to work with a tireless pace and write his name among the biggest.

He is conscious enough to say, "If necessary, I can even distribute water to team players, everything is not just about scoring". It takes me a thought in his book, where our fears grow us and that our fragility is our greatest strength ...

How can one strengthen from fragility?

If you are vulnerable you are weak. It's like a big mistake.

Maybe vulnerabilities cause situations that create awareness?

So I can see my fragility, work on it and come to the solution.

Our essence is not after little victories like us. Small victories are the work of EGO. It takes courage to face our deepest fears, vulnerabilities or weaknesses. Here is how we think if we get strength from our fragility that creates that courage. Seeing the shady and hazy aspects of our own character, moreover screaming them in front of the mirror, is the greatest favor we will do to ourselves. The word is talisman.

Then my feminine side calls out, "Your power is in feminine energy, the ability to create," he says. My mind is going to nature. To nature soon all almond trees will bloom. Constructive, productive, creative nature. Feminine energy that includes these features is aesthetic and fluent. It is intuitive, focused on the process, not the result. Our female energy, resilience, tolerance and love, is a symbol of great power. The society called this energy, which is both inside the woman and inside the man, as a woman, and tried to suppress, shut down and take away her creativity starting from Adam and Eve.

As a woman, we cannot be alone in female energy; We also need masculine energy to develop, grow and multiply. However, female energy has many pains and suppressions from the past and ancestors. There are women who have been burned down because of the creative force of high female energy. This information, which has been carried to us with a collective consciousness, is the wound of the woman and the reasons for the ongoing wars still exist today. This suppression of female energy is registered in our subconscious ... It must be time to release this energy. As we move to a safer life with the power we will have the moment we release it, we will be able to reach endless happiness by blending creatively and more with abundance and abundance.

As the ready-made calendars show February 14, instead of waiting for the best gift, let's make a start by recognizing our strength and rewarding ourselves.

Maybe we will participate in a volunteer work, maybe a sapling team, put a necklace on our neck and maybe write and share something about the power of words ...

Wherever our power comes from, there be love in it ...

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