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The law of subconscious

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The law of subconscious

Author: Derya Öztürk

Instagram: @grigoriteacher_deryaozturk

The universe is governed by law. Success is governed by law. It is governed by law under your consciousness. The law of our subconscious is the law of faith. Many personal growth books and motivational teachers speak of the power of faith.

Your conscious mind grasps and your subconscious believes.”

This is the power of your subconscious. Here's why;

Our subconscious mind is like a magnet. It attracts things that reflect their own beliefs. Obviously, if there is a certain belief in our subconscious, our subconscious creates vibrations appropriate to that belief and attracts events and people that reflect or conform to it. This is called the Universal Vibration and Shooting Act. Whether you believe it or not... There is a law of gravity, even if you don't believe it. This law affects you whether you believe or not.

If your subconscious believes that your life will be difficult, your life will be really difficult. Events and people will make our lives difficult. If our subconscious believes that money is hard to make, money is hard to make. If you have difficulty making money, know that your subconscious is because money believes that money is not easy to earn. The opportunities you face will be what you need to do in order to make money.

Let me explain the above paragraph in other words. If your life is difficult, it is because your subconscious believes that life is difficult. If you have difficulty making money, it's because your subconscious belief that money is hard to make.
There is no reason to blame anyone else about your difficult life or financial situation.

What I'm trying to explain here is this; your subconscious creates your realities. It is the most important statement that one must fully and fully understand to be successful in life.

We use the power of our consciousness to comprehend an idea and the power of our subconscious to achieve the result. Many people do the opposite. They use their consciousness to achieve results, which often creates stress and anxiety. This is the difference between our power of consciousness and our subconscious power.

Now let me give you an analogy about what our subconscious is. Your subconscious mind is like the hard disk of your computer. What you see on the screen is your reality or your life.

Ask yourself where the information on the screen comes from. It's supposed to come from the hard drive, right? If the computer screen shows your truth, where does it come from? According to this analogy from your subconscious.

I mean, your reality or the life you are marking the experiment is a reflection of your subconscious beliefs. Although many people often change jobs, they become aware of the same problems wherever they go. What they don't understand is that instead of changing external conditions, you need to change your beliefs. When they change their beliefs, they will feel attracted to new people and new jobs; their world will be parallel to the change of their subconscious beliefs.

When I tell my participants that beliefs create facts, the negative reactions I get are I don't believe in the reality I'm in, but why is it still happening to me“. What we need to understand is this; your subconscious gives you that you cannot decide what faith is that creates your truth. When you read a few books, you can start believing that your life is in abundance. But your subconscious may not be convinced.

So how do you know what your subconscious believes?

The answer is quite simple. Look at your reality!

Your truth is the mirror of your life. It reflects your inner beliefs. If you constantly use your reality as a guide to reprogramming beliefs in your subconscious, your life will never remain the same.

The following beliefs listed below are the most common negative subconscious beliefs and fears. But when we change them, we can change our reality and our experiences.

  • Fear of worthlessness
  • Fear of insecurity
  • Fear of money
  • Fear of loneliness
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of captivation
  • Fear of accusation
  • Fear of suffering
  • Fear of exclusion
  • Fear of helplessness
  • Fear of separation
  • Fear of humiliation
  • Fear of weakness
  • Fear of absence
  • Fear of losing
  • Fear of inadequacy
  • Fear of extinction
  • Fear of disease
  • Fear of being hurt
  • Fear of being disliked
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of helplessness
  • Fear of abandonment
  • Fear of disapproval

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