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The Abundance Code and E-motion Documentaries

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The Abundance Code and E-motion Documentaries

Author: @kurumsalevhanimi

I share my notes from The Abundance Code and E-motion documentaries I watched on Food Matters TV :)

  • The impact of our subconscious, traumas, mindset and admissions on our life is more than we expected. For example, in an experiment, one group was said to have been given radiation, and one third of the group lost their hair even though it was not.
  • That is why if we keep negative emotions on us for a long time, if we cannot get rid of these emotions, we are gradually beginning to wear our bodies, fatigue our cells, and affect our liver.
  • It's important to learn to manage and forgive these emotions.
  • If we always suffer the same events in our lives, if we always encounter similar people, we must learn what we can do to change our energy.
  • Epigenetics: An experiment was conducted with mice. They shocked in an environment with cherry blossoms, and when the second and third generation were still in the environment with cherry blossoms, they were stressed. In other words, we actually hear, feel and copy all the stresses experienced while in the womb.
  • It is most important to learn to slow down, to calm the mind. It was interesting to me, but eating oranges and pineapples together had a positive effect on mood.
  • If you are angry, he says, you can calm yourself by eating green foods. It was connected with chakras and colors. Fear kidneys, anger liver, depression lung and intestines, anxiety affects the heart and nervous system, anxiety pancreas and stomach.
  • It is not what happened to us, but how you chose to react to them.

The Abundance Code

This content looks from another perspective. We are all trained on how to face difficulties in life at a very young age. We may not have money, we can be unemployed, we can be thrown out of the house, so we have to get a good education, we have to work hard, we have to be faster, we have to beat the others. We grew up with the doctrine that you will always get your reward one day in the future. We felt obliged to go through the path defined by the society because we wanted to be accepted and exist in the society. We wanted to have a house, a car, a full bank account, but are we really happy? We are governed by fear of famine. We live in culture, always more.

Actually, we learn more about struggle and race, but what we need is to support, support and learn to live together. At least that's how I got it 😊

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