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Stupid Puma Syndrome

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Stupid Puma Syndrome

Author: Stella Namet Abulafya

Instagram: @s_telllll

Whether on the personal development side, scientific psychological side, or business life, I find it very creative to use special names for some humanoid behaviors.

For example, the story of the rebirth of an eagle, lobsters, and the writing of topics that prompted us to break the shell for development or to make us think like the 100th Monkey phenomenon. It's a concept I just learned in Stupid Puma Syndrome.

You know puma. Behold from the distant ancestors of wild cats. A spotted predator about two meters long. Famous for its many features, it is the wonderful cat of these forests. But it is best known for its fast and agile running. It is a pleasure to watch the movements of the body, which have accelerated since the moment of its hunt, and reveals all the joints and muscles of the body. This death run sometimes results in the victory of the puma and sometimes the victim running for his life.
So how long does a puma run after its prey? It is this feature of the puma that will make the wild hunter of the forests an example for the founder of civilizations.

Puma always adjusts the "death run" that he pursues, according to the prey of his prey. In other words, the time it takes to seize a gazelle and the time that a rabbit pursues is never the same. Because puma is a smart animal and it stops running when the amount of energy it spends while running exceeds the amount of potential energy it can obtain from prey. He accepts defeat and looks for other prey. For this reason, he runs more after the gazelle and much less than the rabbit.

Here, "stupid cougar syndrome" is used to express the mood of people who do the opposite, that is, for the mindless who have been running after a rabbit for years and then ending the prey caught in a meal. The secret of success is through pumice, namely the effort spent, to determine the balance in the result relationship well.

We can personalize this issue as well as illustrate it with the world of economy. Entrepreneurship is the business line of our time. It's full of people with bright ideas. They are after making money, but they want to spend the least amount of energy. Some companies of this type are growing and winning, while others are stuck with stupid puma syndrome. The winners are profitable according to their knowledge, creativity and taking responsibility. They give their energy not to the rabbit but to the gazelle. Companies that focus on issues outside their fields, cannot set their goals well, and work differently, find it difficult to get results.
Businesses that cannot define the target customer group are included in this definition. Who are the customers? What are the other needs of the target customers who purchase their products and services? Who are the competitors? Businesses that are oriented towards the right target increase their sales when they learn to identify customer segments and target markets with the right management, and achieve more revenue with less effort.

Let's take a look at the puma through our lives. We are all after things in our life to achieve something. Our primitive brain is our brain that manages our most primitive needs, such as protecting us from hazards, defending ourselves, reproducing, eating. Since our primitive brain rules us, the message he gives us is: To survive! Human selfishness, being greedy and aggressive when appropriate, is due to the primitive brain that has never evolved for millions of years. All other things come after this impulse. We want to love after we manage to survive, and we want the person we love to love us. We take risks, we want to win, We desire a job, we absolutely want to enter it. We want to be beautiful, to be liked, to be approved, to rest, to talk, to find a place in the community and to be constantly renewed.

Here is how we could not think, how I could not calculate, when we were not satisfied with the earnings that we would like to have while trying to have all this, and whether it was worth the earnings we expected to achieve, we will experience anger. In order to overcome this situation, we immediately start chasing other things. We consume a lifetime by saying “I wish”, saying “I wish” all the time, passing the time passed and the effort wasted.

Of course, LIFE IS LIFE, and not everything is with a book. However, lack of accountability sometimes pays very heavy prices.

If you don't want to see yourself getting stupid Puma Syndrome after spending almost half of your life, beware!

Do not act without thinking about how much energy you will spend for what. Then you don't have energy to live!

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