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Pomodoro Technique: The Most Efficient Program

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Pomodoro Technique: The Most Efficient Program

Author: İlona Levi Kurubaş

Instagram: @ilonalevi

Pomodoro Technique, which is an efficient working technique, means ‘tomato' in Italian! Now everyone has a question mark in their minds, how a relationship between tomatoes and a working technique can be said… The answer is certain!

What is Pomodoro Technique?

Developed by an entrepreneur, software developer, mentor and trainer named Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s, the Pomodoro technique has been used by many people who have suffered since then and are very satisfied. It takes its name from the tomato-shaped timer that Cirillo used to apply this technique during his student days. The basis of the technique is short-term working sessions and mini-breaks following these sessions.

How to apply Pomodoro Technique?


- Prepare an activity inventory that includes the long and short term jobs you want to do.
- Set a priority order for the activities in this list.
- Before starting to work each day, select priority activities from this list and transfer them to the “to-do list..
- Specify the estimated duration of the activity in Pomodoro.
Short-term sessions last 25 minutes, followed by a mini-break of 5 minutes. Take care of different things and reward yourself without thinking about your work during the break. This is a 30-minute episode consisting of one session and a break. When you complete 4 Pomodoro in total, that is, after 2 hours, you give a long break of 25-30 minutes. It is considered ideal to complete Pomodoro from 8-16 per day, ie 4-8 hours work (including breaks).

Benefits of Pomodoro Technique


- Working with time, not against time.
-Starting yourself, avoiding pressure.
- Disabling distractions from outside.
-Create a better work-life balance.
You can access Pomodoro tactics on the subject with Chris Wienfeld's ebook. In the meantime, there are many options as a mobile application on the subject. You can download Clockwork Tomato on Android.
In the meantime, I'm leaving here the sour dictionary experiences that make me laugh about the Pomodoro Technique. 'Cause sometimes you feel the same way you're writing! (Replicated in the same language.)
Maz It's not a blessing for big-headed bodies like me. I'm going in the form of a 30 min course, 5 min break, and if there is a lot of it meret. If I do not do this, the last minutes of the match, such as the keeper of the moon presentation, I'll start with the month, I'll start with the tea, the moon stop bi tea iceyim, stop bi horoscope my opinion ehe ehe say he does not know how to start a kind of time. use it, use it, even use it. ”
“The easiest and simplest solution is that if you have a boss or a manager observing you, you can work 8 + 4 hours without wc and lunch break without this technique. you even quit smoking. dot."
Gerekli You need to work, but is the weather nice? Is it more tempting to get another episode from the series you're watching? or do you find yourself lost in the colorful corridors of the internet? in fact, your doctoral dissertation is over, but does the compilation and reconsideration work seem to be death?
That's exactly what the alarming apps that use this pomodoro technique are for! 25 minutes of absolute focus, 5-minute intervals, and another great break after completing 4 pomodoro times. some kind of virtual governess, etudes sister / brother üd
I would suggest to the sentence realm that is having the problem of focus. (this entry is written by a very professional student who will leave the school soon, between pomodoro) ”

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