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On The Consciousness Of Healthy Nutrition With Canan Şekerci - 6

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On The Consciousness Of Healthy Nutrition With Canan Şekerci - 6

Author: Canan Şekerci

Instagram: @nan.ekmek


I continue to continue the title of my articles as On Healthy Eating. As I have often stated before, Healthy Life is possible with a healthy diet. Of course, then move on. Although it will be evaluated in nutrition, I think that drinking enough WATER should also be included in the necessity of living a Healthy Life.

FOR A HEALTHY LIFE ***** HEALTHY NUTRITION (Questioning every food we put in our mouth. How it was produced. We must give him the water he needs daily, every day. If we do not, we may feel symptoms of which we do not know the reason and we will search until we find the reason.)

Today, I wanted to summarize the good things we can do for ourselves in daily life under 3 headings and simplify it a little bit.

What did I eat today? Did I drink enough water? Did I move as much as necessary?

I think we should give ourselves time for at least 1 week and observe ourselves in order to put our nutrition in order. After making it a habit, we should move on to another change.

But if we do not start, we will never be able to do it. Wanting first, then observing and then arranging it slowly without any rush… ..

If you do not think that you are drinking enough water now, when you read the article, go and drink a glass of water as soon as possible and start drinking water by measuring how much water you need daily… ..

It is your choice for movement, walking or dancing is the best …… ..

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