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On The Consciousness Of Healthy Nutrition With Canan Şekerci - 4

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On The Consciousness Of Healthy Nutrition With Canan Şekerci - 4

Author: Canan Şekerci

Instagram: @nan.ekmek

I like to frequently use this expression consisting of three words "HEALTHY NUTRITION CONSCIOUSNESS". I think the reason is that the more minds penetrate, the more awareness is created.

As a child or in my previous age; I used to think that the health and health first of all, the rest is easy, health expressions are just a wish. However, today I think it is a reality that should be more conscious than wishes.

Because it is now a known fact that not acting with this consciousness is a situation that negatively affects the quality of life. The most important aspect of this awareness is not primarily about eating more or less food, but about whether the food you eat benefits you. If the name of a product is nutrient, it is useful. A product that will harm people cannot be food. When we say what is NUTRITION, we encounter all kinds of substances that are necessary for the organism and suitable for eating, right? So food is to feed us. So how come food can be unhealthy for us? Since what we call food is there to feed us. Why do we eat unhealthy nutrition by eating products that are under the food group we come across?

There are 2 points here.

The first point is that there are things that need to be known in terms of the time period when foods are eaten, their interactions with each other, the speed of our metabolism according to each age, and the amount eaten. For example, we have automatic learning about the foods that we would not consciously or unconsciously choose in our breakfast-lunch-dinner choices, right?

The second point is that although we made the right choices according to the time period, their interactions with each other and our metabolic rate, the contamination in food in recent years …….

Especially this part is very important.

The reason is that it was a common thing to reach clean food in the past, or while it is still the same in villages today, with the increase of the population, especially in metropolitan cities, it is difficult to reach clean food, and at the same time, nutrients that have lost their purity with additives and preservatives with a very long shelf life. The child consuming these nutrients is very important to create HEALTHY NUTRITION CONSCIOUSNESS when it becomes inevitable for everyone to have health problems.

To exemplify this second point; A person who consumes the same amount of carbohydrate group products today may experience health problems, but why did not the person who ate it in the past have the same health problems. Because the material is not the same material.

There is a lot to talk and write about this.

See you in future articles… ..

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