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On The Consciousness Of Healthy Nutrition With Canan Şekerci - 3

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On The Consciousness Of Healthy Nutrition With Canan Şekerci - 3

Author: Canan Şekerci

Instagram: @nan.ekmek

I would like to consider a very important issue that we call awareness as nutrition awareness.

The functioning of our bodies is an incredible system. Our bodies, which are not physically alike, are unique to all of us. It is very important to know this special body well, and to meet its needs in the most attentive way.
As I mentioned in my previous article, we should show ourselves the care given to us when we are born.

In order for our body to function in a healthy way, we must choose its fuel, that is, its nutrients very carefully. Choosing the body's energy source foods well means questioning the food we put in our mouth.

Nothing happens to people to starve, bad foods; It makes people sick, reduces the quality of life and shortens their life.

We especially like to eat in our society. Saying that blood comes from the throat; they insist on eating, you will die of hunger, accusations that you are too weak; What is it, is not the pressure of the neighborhood for those who do not eat properly, do not eat unnecessary things and do not form fat rings in their bodies?

You can eat for an ideal weight person who does not want to consume a lot of carbohydrates by following a healthy diet model, and that you do not have your weight means not being aware of the issue. The right thing is to look at the issue not as weight gain but as a healthy diet.

Because when a person has a healthy diet; He does not gain weight in any way and he does not need to go on a diet, restrict his food for a certain period and return to the wrong diet model with longing after the weight loss process is over. Because he consumes his food consciously, he never has a problem to lose weight.

Our wrong nutritional habits and the ready-made food industry, which are transferred to us from our roots; We do not have to be the VICTIMS of the fact that it causes us to get lost in the wheels of the industrial food industry, even if it is to spoil our health.

Even if it is the subject of Healthy Eating, there are no disagreements on this issue. While one group shows the A model on the accuracy of authorized nutrition, the other group suggests the B model, but the one that has passed our mind filter is the most accurate. Learning beneficial nutrients and creating a special nutrition model for us is the greatest favor we can do to ourselves.
It may take time for this to happen. Let it be. If we do not take a step and set out, we will never reach the goal. It is very important to take the road, BE AWARE. The biggest step.

Let's never give up on the decision to create the best diet for ourselves.


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