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On The Consciousness Of Healthy Nutrition With Canan Şekerci - 2

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On The Consciousness Of Healthy Nutrition With Canan Şekerci - 2

Author: Canan Şekerci

Instagram: @nan.ekmek

I love to share as a philosophy of life. Even this desire to share seems a bit too much for me….

I enjoy sharing what I know is right for myself and the experiences I have gained. Until today, I have always made my sense of sharing with my closest circle. I wanted to write so much, but until I came across and joined the blog posts, I did not share what I wrote with anyone except the notes I took myself. It is very enjoyable to share my articles on Healthy Eating Awareness here .......

With the year 2020, I think it has been realized once again that in order to be protected from diseases during the pandemic process, it is necessary to have a good immune system. We can say that an awakening has started in recent years with the increase of diseases called allergic diseases, digestive system disorders, autoimmune diseases (a medical condition in which the immune system does not function properly and damages one's own cells).

Especially in new generation children, allergic diseases are frequently seen, and treatment or periodic improvements can be provided by restricting their nutrition. The first thing recommended for stopping or treating diseases is the regulation of nutrition or the removal of some nutrients from the diet. Therefore, the common point is HEALTHY NUTRITION CONSCIOUSNESS… ..

Of course, the solution of these ailments is not only with nutritional recommendations, but most of them are nutritional arrangements in support of drug therapies. Of course, there is a question to be asked here. I wonder if these diseases are caused by wrong and unhealthy diets, so when the errors in their nutrition are corrected during the treatment process, the problems decrease or disappear completely. Of course, if we go into the details at this point; during industrial food production, to increase the durability times, to increase the flavor; to consume more, flavor enhancers, thickeners, colorants in order to provide attractive visuals ... Until awakening begins, especially because of the digestive problems and other ailments they cause.

The awakening of natural foods, which existed in the past, which later began to be regarded as folk remedies, but eventually started to enter our lives again with formations such as ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE, FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE ... However, the abuse of this issue did not last long. The concept of organic has unfortunately been abused. Those who actually produce or sell organic products cannot use the word organic. And even if the product that man sells with his own conscience is not cultivated with clean agriculture in the real sense, it cannot be explained that he calls it a clean agricultural product and tries to keep the truth from the consumer and make a profit. It is inevitable that these profits will result in loss in the long run. This is how it is in my life philosophy. In order to gain profit in the short term, the profits made honestly will appear as a loss in the long term….

For this reason, I believe that organizations such as, which literally analyze the brands it mediates in product sales, will be the right address to reach clean and fair food.

Again, I want to tell many more things …… See you in the next article ……

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