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On The Consciousness Of Healthy Nutrition With Canan Şekerci

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On The Consciousness Of Healthy Nutrition With Canan Şekerci

Author: Canan Şekerci

Instagram: @nan.ekmek

We call the time we spend between birth and death our LIFE. The balance of our physical, mental and spiritual body health determines the quality of our life.
The person who starts the world with birth is fed meticulously by his parents at first. All his needs are met within a program. When that person starts to meet his own needs, the order is broken. Dropping the note that the exceptions do not break the rule; We can say that this is the general situation.

The most valuable assets of the human being are the body, spirit and mind. Being healthy means that these three are in balance. This triad is also related to each other. If one is out of balance, it may mean that the other will start to deteriorate.
Here, priority is in HEALTHY NUTRITION. We can also talk about the good mental health and mental health in a body that has a HEALTHY NUTRITION and which is provided with exercise or daily life model.

I think that FEELING YOURSELF WELL is something everyone wants to happen while living. Who wouldn't want to feel good …….

We said that the priority for a HEALTHY LIFE is nutrition; The reason is that in an unhealthy diet, it has been proven by research that mental problems start after a while, and then again based on unhealthy nutrition. Therefore, the vicious cycle that starts with unhealthy nutrition and then continues with mental deterioration; It goes on as long as the awareness of these causes is not reached. And the remedy is tried to be provided with two-end knife-edge medicines. Drugs that bring temporary solutions to our problems by saying the two ends of the knife edge, on the other hand, can harm us. Since its daily use has become widespread, the source of mental problems has not been addressed.

While the relationship with nutrition has not been considered at all, the studies that have drawn attention to this issue in recent years have thankfully started to inform some people. In the global world, things were done first to impair the health of people, and then the giant pharmaceutical sector came into play with the promise of healing. And then, by increasing the work of pharmaceutical companies, the diseases were tried to be cured. However, it is very clear that the problems caused by feeding a high percentage of UNHEALTHY PRODUCTS have been improved with dietary changes.

And the problems related to nutrition, which I personally observed in my close environment, the solution being reached with awareness, or unfortunately, unnoticed endings.

Especially as the child of a mother and father with a different diet, the fact that the problems they experience in advanced ages are related to their diet may have led me to be interested in these issues. It may also be because of this that I have made attempts to be found without saying after this hour. There is a lot more to share.

I say GOOD and hope to see you in future articles ………

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