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Nature has taken over the world!

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Nature has taken over the world!

Perhaps we are experiencing the projections of being a consumer community for years. Nature now seems calmer and peaceful while we are at home.
While our fight against Corona Virus (COVID-19) continues, we all try to take precautions and try to adapt to a brand new life. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, office life, which the majority of us are accustomed to, has been replaced by work from home.

While our psychology is trying to adapt to this issue day by day, we wanted to make some suggestions that will both increase our work efficiency at home and allow you to spend quality time!

  • The first step! Organizing the working environment: We know that a lot of electronic devices exist. Phone, ipad, computer sometimes 2 in one… All of them will support negative ions to prevent damage due to radiation emission. At this point, it would be healthy to put a salt lamp on your decor. Another decorative product is; orgonite pyramids. They spread healing as you work.
  • Also, tree incense such as cedar wood, soya candles and censers are ideal for ambiance to relax us during work! You can add a little lavender or rosemary essential oil into the censer to increase your concentration.
  • Spending quality time during work breaks increases efficiency when we return to work. At this point, yoga and meditation come into play! With meditation, your breaks will help you relax in 8-12 minutes. Our meditation cushions and yoga mats help you relax and concentrate on hard ground.
  • When you are done; 'reading a book' is a better alternative, as watching television for tired eyes is not good and may decrease the efficiency of the next day. Our books both support your personal development and are full of fun that you will not understand how time passes.
  • After the busy and productive day, we must absolutely take care for our skin before going to bed! The next day, nobody wants to get up and break his motivation with a dull face… Massage with jade stone dermaroller with our aromatherapy products will make you forget the tiredness of the whole day. For a peaceful sleep in your room, don't forget to spray pillow mist on your pillow and pour jasmine oil into your censer.

Meanwhile, another suggestion for those who do not work; Get new hobbies! One of these hobbies is 'Do it yourself' workshops. You can also apply it in your home. You can create a new bag for yourself by painting our mandala cloth bags.

Stay healthy stay home.

Love, Team

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