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Mystery of Symbols

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Mystery of Symbols

Author: Dilek Koç

Instagram: @reikiegitim

Ancient and universal symbols… The keys, each providing energy flow, opening the doors of respectful meanings…

Among the most known ancient symbols, we can count the symbols such as Om, Lotus, Patta, Barış, Fatma's Hand (Hamsa), Flower of Life, Antahkarana, Venus Flower. The frequencies and magnetic fields of each can be determined by measuring.

For example; With the symbol of peace, we call for peace and peace, and activate that energy and frequency. We invite the Spirit-Body-Mind balance with the Om symbol. With the Patta Symbol, we attract endless luck and happiness to ourselves. We are protected from negative energies when we place Fatma's Hand (Hamsa) symbol (hands down) in our home or carry it on our neck as jewelry. When we use the Lotus Flower, we activate the purity, health and enlightenment energies that it symbolizes and carries. Venus Flower represents love, love, trust and abundance; we can use the frequency of this symbol in these areas. Antahkarana symbol has the effect of purifying negative energies and providing protection to its area; we can use it to provide protection in our home, workplace or any place we wish. (Let me correct a false information that the Antahkarana symbol is a Reiki-specific symbol; it is not a hidden symbol, it can be used by anyone.) The Flower of Life is one of those symbols that has the most intense energy and influence: Protection, raising energies and frequencies. It has been scientifically proven that it strengthens the immune system and protects us from negative energies, especially when we carry it constantly as jewelry.

Although we are not likely to include all the ancient symbols in a single article, I have touched on a few symbols and their meanings in order to exemplify their use.
Regarding how to use the energy of symbols.

We can use a symbol that we need, want to use its energy or intuitively attract us, by printing it out, we can use it as jewelry, and we can hang the symbols produced as decorative / accessory in our house or in any place we wish.

It is necessary to keep the symbols in a place where we can see them constantly. Scanning a symbol with the eye and being in a place where the symbol is within reach of our eye sends that energetic information to the subconscious and creates a measurable frequency; Therefore, we attract the concepts that the symbol will bring to our life and symbolize it, and we use those energies.

The second important factor in the use of symbols is intent and activation. For example, when we get Fatma's Hand necklace as a jewelry; We should activate the energy of that symbol by saying "I always intend to be under protection with this symbol and be protected from all negative energies".

When we use Venus Flower, we activate the energy of the symbol by saying "I intend to attract love, love, luck and abundance to my life with the energy of this symbol."

Finally, let's give an example about the Flower of Life: We can print the Flower of Life and put it in any room of our house, hang it on our wall as a board and use it as a jewelry. Likewise, it is enough to activate its energy with intent.

Ancient symbols, which have been used since ancient times, with effective and strong frequencies and magnetic fields, continue to heal us by adding energy to their energies and strengthening in every field they are used to date.

The symbols or symbols that attract you, you need, you think you need energy; healing you with love and light.

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