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My clone and me

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My clone and me

Author: Stella Namet Abulafya


Years ago, we talked to a friend about pregnancy. We are young, mid twenties, we are newly married. We have a big life ahead of us, we are not in a hurry when we were talking about having a child, if we grew up in a jar, we had a deer talk for our babies if we looked at the features and liked it.

Suppose time has flowed rapidly, technology has advanced and let's say we could get our clone in the jar.

Her name is the same as me, her image is the same as me. Even her voice is like me. So one wife from me. Me in a jar grown in the lab. I bought it, we came home. I opened the cover and came out. Very excited, as if it was the first day of her life, almost 50 years have passed for me. I'm tired, she's excited.

We look at each other. So which room will she set in? Not much room at home? She looked into my eyes and smiled, "Should I sleep with her?" she said with a smiling face. It is as if she waits for approval from me, obviously I will bite into her smiling face and I will say "Yes". I do not share my bed with strangers, but this is not a stranger, this is just me. "I said yes. Smiled again, apparently my clone speaks less than me. She settled in my room. She put everything like me on the bed, folded one by one, and those in his suitcase into the closet. She turned to the full-length mirror, kissed herself like I was. How weird! I forgot myself doing these.

I asked, what would you like to do? Like a guest. She said I will do whatever you say. Satan says that she has a hard day, but unfortunately, I say I shouldn't force her in the first day, I am smiling, and she is smiling.

Why should I have a clone? Let me walk, does it work, right? Well, first of all I put it in housework. Wipe, sweep, cook, wash, iron and place. I do not do very well, I see her passing by. I'm not saying anything, I'm just giving a dissatisfied look. She is upset but does not show up. Then I direct her to work. Mails are full, everyday issues, price negotiations, dissatisfaction with the boss, and occasionally making mistakes when approving the label. I throw my angry glances over.

"Are you stupid, girl, if you make such simple mistakes, don't ever try to work," I say. Upset. She expects a few nice words from me, but there is no need, she spoils. I can wait for her to do well if she learns the work over time They have some ridiculous snacks, get up from time to time, eat something and sit back. I don't understand, she's not hungry, but still snacks, and then she feels sorry for what I eat. While she is dealing with these, I watch her with the eye and I have a great time with myself. I read books, go for a walk by the sea, chat with friends. I'm telling everyone you should have a clone, but they don't believe me.

I wake up one morning, how so I don't have a bed. I look at the hall, I say in the kitchen, but there is not there. Hah, I say fed up, I suppose, of course life is not easy. How many times she didn't have a smiling face when she first came. I should have understood, while I think, I find a note stuck to the street door.

I'm at the sea, don't worry about me.

Oh God, look at the work, there are a lot of things to do at home. Irresponsible at work. I wonder where she got the courage to do her head. I'm starting to line up her provinces and I'm angry. I do not send a kiss to the mirror or anything, on the contrary I say, "Dumb clone, you'll see."

I do what she has to do all day, no sound from her. It turns out at sunset, comes in with a package in the door. She bought me a gift. A huge potted bougainvillea. It hugs me. She had a great day telling herself a long time. When she sees my anger, she stops meaninglessly;

"What happened? What is this tension? ”

"What?" I raise my voice. “You have missions, you have to do as my clone. You can't go away by your head. ”

I think she is embarrassed, but she doesn't say anything shy at all.

“You don't like anything I do, you constantly criticize everything. In this case, I found it convenient to leave you with you so that everything is perfect. I wanted to be happy.

I'm sure you did everything so great, so you never bought me, but I brought you a gift because I'm sure you did whatever you did.

I'm froze.


How hard I got to myself. I didn't know what to say. I hugged her tightly.
She was already ready to hug me.

Since then, we became a giant army of two people and life became easier. After all, we were living for two at the same time and everyone was doing their part.

Life got easier, everything was ticking until the 3rd clone entered the house.

I didn't understand how it happened, but my clone created a clone for itself without consulting me…

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