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Mindfulness and Focus

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Mindfulness and Focus

Author: Selmin Erk

Instagram: @selminerk

The mind is like a radio constantly playing in its own state. Thoughts come from different subjects. This makes it hard to think clearly. Here I will tell you about an easy-to-implement mind-clarification method. Mindfulness enabled us and offers a very homely way. You don't have to be at the mercy of a mind that can't be tamed. It is in your hands to obtain more inner peace.

Mindfulness meditation can be used to focus attention and calm the mind. Managing awareness and attention proceeds together. The simplest means to drive awareness is to hold our breath. Breath is always with us and of course vital.

Watching the breath for a short time begins to soothe the mind. It is very useful in improving attention. Now you can make an application while reading the following lines. Your task is to monitor what is happening. Just watch. Be aware. As it is, take it through the nose and give it through the nose without changing it.

Give yourself time in between while proceding.

First of all, specify your intention. "I intend to direct my attention for a short time."

1. Take a deep breath and exhale. Now return to the natural state of breath. Just watch the movement of the body and breathing ... You can focus your eyes somewhere.

2. Expand your awareness. How does it feel to be in a human body? Curiously notice…. What makes you feel to be in your own body… Maybe you can hear some vibrations, maybe pulse.… You can feel where you live. Don't judge and just notice what you have in your body… (as long as you want)

3. Put your hand on the rib cage. Let it be the symbol of supporting and trusting your body. Feel the light pressure of your hand ... Notice the temperature of your hand ... (You can also try to put your hands on each other.)

4. Follow 10 breaths. Follow your natural and calm breath without checking it, counting calmly as it is. If your mind disintegrates, release the thought and return to counting again.

5. Be a reminder of being kind to yourself. Because life is not easy for anyone. It is very valuable to approach yourself with compassion and support calmly. You can end the exercise at any time.

What does this little exercise involve?

Observing what is present at the moment with a new understanding, approaching without prejudice, waiting patiently, trusting its own wisdom, accepting what is present, releasing it, allowing mind body integrity.

Even applying 5-10 minutes of mindfulness practices changes our minds in a positive way after a while. Thus, we become more conscious of life and understand ourselves and the world better.

It would be a nice start to focus your attention on counting 10 breaths as you find the opportunity during the day. Watch your breath without evaluating it in a specific way. If your mind breaks down, don't worry. As you realize that the mind is disintegrating, you are already aware. (Take advantage of our free mobile app: Creameditasyonapp - ios and Dinginkafaapp - android)

If you draw your attention, you will understand what a pleasant feeling it is. And all it takes is the joy of breath. 😊

Wishing you goodness and peace...

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