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Meditation with Asha Candle

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Meditation with Asha Candle

Author: @ashacandle

First step - Deciding what candle will represent;
Although this step is not mandatory, many people benefit from deciding what they will represent by the candle flame. For example, the flickering flame may represent the light of information. Or it can represent life and the universe. Others represent their awakened consciousness. Others believe that burning flames represent kindness and peace in the world. Deciding what the flame will represent can help you settle in a positive mind before starting your meditation. The easiest way to concentrate the mind is to look at the candle flame.

The second step - Position;
The candle must be placed at eye level before looking at the light. Depending on what works best for you, you can sit on the floor, pillow or any chair. Make sure your spine is straight and you can breathe easily. It is also important that your eyes can easily focus on the flame. The blue part in the flame connects with the causal body (Karanasarira). By focusing the mind on this point, concentration power is obtained in a short time.

The third step - relax your body;
The next step is to relax your body. Begin concentrating on breathing. Observe your breath as it enters and exits your body. Don't force your breath, just watch and feel your body relaxed. Then let the mind focus on your toes. Release the muscles in your toes and let them relax. Move towards your legs by relaxing all over your body. The bright part covering the flame represents the suptil body (Sukshmasarira) and the outermost part of the flame is the rough body (Sthulasarira).

The fourth step - to observe the flame;
Keep breathing smoothly and easily. Watch your breath and continue to relax. Now place your gaze on the flame of the candle. The key to candle meditation is simply to be aware of the flame. You don't have to think or have a particular thought while watching the flame. Thoughts and distractions will come to your mind during your candle meditation. You may notice that some parts of your body feel strange, itchy or pain. When you have these thoughts or feelings, observe them and then let them get out of your mind. Continue to turn your attention to the candle flame and observe your breath.

May your path be filled with light!

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