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Know the Value of What You Have, Living Virtuously

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Know the Value of What You Have, Living Virtuously

Author: Muradiye Candan

Humanity is a big door
This experience is the highest authority among the creatures .. The most desirable, most magnificent mechanism with divine parts ...

What would happen if we could imagine the power that created Everything that Exists?

How you spent every day
How would you wake up every new day
How would you look at everything
What would you think
How would you plan your future? 3 days later, 3 months later, 3 years later, 30 years?

When you were able to activate one of your divine parts, you would be in awe that you already knew and longed for the experience of immense indescribable peace, joy and love, abundance, kindness, and harmony.

We human beings tend to live so attached to the past that they can forget their strength. Since it focuses on saying what has been said and doing what has been done and experiencing the same, it creates paradigms within illusions because it is against its existence and against its purpose.

Yes, creation is the existential power of every human being, creation is every moment, you find yourself in hoopp from the dimension of thought to word, from words to intentions and then with divine timing ...

Your family, grandparents or ancestors may have started this cycle. You may have good and challenging areas that started like this ... However, the timing of unfinished works will surely come before you on the appropriate ground. Solve, finish, see ...

This is the right of every human being. You have a right between what happened and what happened.
This is where ERDEMLER comes into play.
How you behaved
What virtue did you use
The paradigm will continue, my friend, if your divine part has been contradicted and you have noticed and continued without touching water and soap without putting the essence of the same contradiction.

Love, Peace, Intelligence, Harmony, Trust, Passion, Happiness, Joy, Wealth, Abundance, Kindness, Success, Goodness, Beauty, Sincerity, Helping, Friendship, Ease,
When you add Courage, Reasoning and Conscientiousness to your virtues, you can go out of the paradigm with HAZ when you finish those old new unfinished works ...

The sought-after humanity frequency has been found and the divine parts have been activated, the cells have regained their health, the vibration has been raised and a STATE OF KNOWLEDGMENT

This state flows from the inside out

Pursue Your Virtues ...
You are human, you are worthy of it
You are human, you deserve it
You are human, you have this power

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