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Interview with Orgonite Artist Ozan Akbayrak

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Interview with Orgonite Artist Ozan Akbayrak

Ilona Levi: Hi Ozan, thank you for being with us today. Can you tell us a little bit, what is orgonite?

Ozan Akbayrak: Orgonit is a continuously working device made of metal, resin and crystal, which balances the energy around it.

In the 1930s, Dr. Wilhelm Reich who was the student of Dr. Freud's, discovered the existence of the cosmic life energy by scientific methods; he called it, orgone . As a result of his researches, he developed the first organe accumulator by combining organic and inorganic materials in layers.

İL: So how does orgonite work?

OA: The resin in the organite shrinks while it is drying, constantly compressing the quartz crystal, which creates a piezoelectric effect inside the crystal.

When the perfectly symmetrical molecular structure of the crystal is exposed to external power, it produces a voltage and frequency. This allows the crystal to broadcast its own frequency continuously and strongly without the need for cleaning and transform the energies around it. For this reason, the energy concentrated in the orgonite is cleaned and amplified thanks to the crystal. This is where  is a generator that converts negative energy, Dr. Reich called DOR (deadly orgone energy) into positive energy (POR). 

Resin (organic) attracts energy, crystals formed in thousands of years and carry the vibration frequency of the world, balance energy and metals (inorganic) repel energy, that is, give out balanced energy.

The resin is a carbon-based organic substance and is influenced by the sound, frequency and intentions around it, just as water can be observed during the freezing process. Therefore, while the resin is in the crystallization process, it can be programmed with specific intentions. This time interval is of great importance in making orgonite, as Orgonite will trace the energies it has been affected during crystallization. During this period, loading positive intent, applying sound vibrations and frequency increases the efficiency of the orgonite. The main reason we use the resin is that it is the substance that transmits the trapped energy in the crystals best.

İL: As far as I understand, with Orgonit, we can protect ourselves from the chaos of the variable energies around us, and reduce the electromagnetic radiation pollution in the places we live. So what are the main benefits of Orgonite?

OA: Sure, let me explain briefly:

  • Regulates the molecular structure of the air and water around it. When you wait half an hour next to the water glass you drink, the molecular structure of the water becomes more harmonic and its alkali value is balanced.
  • Emits healthy negative ions. Converts the negative ions in the environment they are in to positive.
  • Reduces the harmful effects of Electro Magnetic Radiation. It removes radioactive energy from electronic devices such as televisions, telephones, computers. Orgonite becomes a kind of protection shield.
  • Supports the body's immune and endocrine system.
  • Improves mental discipline by increasing attention and concentration.
  • Helps clean and activate the chakras.
  • It balances the overall energy level of the body by increasing the vibration frequency of the cells.
  • It helps plants, vegetables and fruits to grow healthier. You can observe the change in the plant by placing orgonite at the root of a dying or withered plant and waiting for a week or two.
  • Improves sleep and dream quality. When you put it on your bedside while sleeping, it allows dreams to be remembered more clearly and clear.
  • It helps wake up and strengthen intuition and psychic powers. When you set an intent and upload it to your orgonite, it works within that intent.
  • Helps balance mental and physical health.

İL: Very good. What do you design under your brand, IDA Orgonite?

OA: First of all, as İda Orgonite, we make specially designed necklaces that people can carry with them at all times. Our necklaces are divided into three as mini, medium and large. In general, we put at least 8 different natural stones in every necklace we make. These are stones and crystals that match each chakra and are compatible and supportive as energy. Each orgonite is made entirely by hand, and the making of a necklace takes at least 2-3 weeks. While the necklaces are being made, we try to produce every stage of our workshop in the form of ceramics without rushing in the accompaniment of frequency sounds, mantras and nature sounds. Since every pendant is completely handmade, handcrafted and special design, no pendant can be exactly the same, it can be similar, but it is not possible to do the same.

Secondly, we have Pyramid orgonites that we love very much. We put the Quartz crystal at the top of these pyramids, which are equivalent to the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, and we crush 10-15 different natural stones of the lower floors and powder them. It cleans the room it is in, protects you from radiation from electronic devices like a shield, repels radiation. You can put it in the room where you sleep for meditation, space cleaning, better quality sleep or use it for various purposes as a decor in your home. We make mini, medium and large pyramids.

Thirdly, we make an orgonite plate and tower buster, have dimensions you can carry with you, or we have plate-shaped orgonites that help you put your drinking water on it and regulate the molecular structure of your water. You can also see that when you put your faded or dying plant on or beside it, the plant will revive and grow and grow rapidly within two weeks! You can directly observe the effects of plants, fruits and vegetables. There are various sizes of plates and tower busters, we can change the designs and sizes of the stones.

Interview with Orgonite Artist Ozan Akbayrak | Blog

İL: What materials do you use while designing orgonites?

OA: The materials we use are very diverse. There are countless natural stones and crystals that we know and have not yet discovered around the world. We give the stones we put in the orgonites to the owner of the orgonite in writing, so that he can research and read the properties of the stone in detail. Details of the stones we use are written on our website, those who are curious can enter and read. We use some of the natural stones from abroad Mexico, Brazil, we take the stones from the mines in countries such as India and some of the mines collected by natural stone in Turkey are exploring trips.

We can say that certain amounts of metal powders are necessary for the energy from natural stones trapped with resin in the orgonite to be reflected and transmitted to the environment. Apart from these main materials, we love to use plants and seashells, which we like visually.

İL: Do you also make custom design?

OA: Yes, we also make customized designs. The person who wants orgonite gives us his full name, date of birth, day by month, and according to the number, he identifies the stones of that person and has a special orgonite necklace consisting only of his stones. It can also consist of the colors you love and a special pattern you love, it's entirely up to your taste. You get a very special gift for yourself or your loved ones. The compression life of the resin in Orgonit is between 80-120 years; In other words, it is a precious, special gift that you can leave even for your children, unless you use it or lose it very hard.

Also, if you take your orgonite first and load it on your palm, you will see that it works with that intention. One of the features of orgonite is that it is self-cleaning, it has a steady flow of energy, it does not require extra cleaning.

“We can benefit from the energy of the sun, the seas, the wind. However, the day when the human learned to take advantage of the energy of "love" will be as important as the day the fire was discovered, "said Paulo Coelho. We produce and create all our orgonites with love, beautiful energies, meticulousness, manual labor and sustainably. We draw our inspiration from nature and love, combined with the consciousness of light.

İL: Thank you very much Ozan for taking the time for us. It is also a privilege for us to present the wonderful orgonites that you designed for sale through our site.

OA: That is my pleasure, thank you.

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