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Interview with Gülşin Doğan

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Interview with Gülşin Doğan

Could you briefly introduce yourself, Gülşin?

Love to everyone. I am an artist and a yoga instructor working on spiritualism and self-healing. I was born in Ankara and grew up in Sydney. I had the opportunity to study in different schools due to change of countries. I completed university and my master's degree in Australia. I had many relationships and was married twice. For many years, I mostly worked in the energy, infrastructure and mining sectors. Meanwhile, I had always had problems with my reproductive organs and menstruation cycles since childhood, where I experienced pain. One day I realized I was not happy with the flow and state of my life, that I felt tired and wanted to change somethings. So first, I focused on my physical health; decluttered and organized my physical space in ways suitable for me and brought yoga into my life. My inner voice was telling me to focus all my energy on myself meaning focus on whatever was serving my soul. Since then, I have been walking this path ever transforming.

How did you get into self-healing?

In 2016, just when I started to organize my life, my sister mentioned yoga and made me do a 20-minute yoga video on YouTube. Like most of us, I too started yoga on the ‘Yoga with Adriene’ channel J When the video was over, I had a huge smile on my face. From there on, I knew I wanted to practice yoga on a regular basis. As I progressed, I wanted to go deep into yoga. I researched and reached the information that a teacher training (TT) course was my best option to gain that deeper understanding I was seeking. While this was happening, I was still working on my initiative So, becoming a practicing yoga instructor was not at the top of my list. I chose my TT course, registered and started. I enjoyed what I was learning during the course very much and my excitement grew day by day.

Meanwhile, the doctors had not yet been able to find answers to the problems I was having with my reproductive organs, and my condition deteriorated over time. Being a minimalist and a naturalist, I continued to research and tried different natural healing techniques on myself and was seeing results. These also included the Tantric techniques. While I was on my self-healing journey, I saw that I was getting experienced on subjects of sex, human body, human soul as well as enlightenment, the self-realization and the self-actualization paths. I had another epiphany the day I decided to progress as a yoga instructor. The epiphany was to share all these techniques I used on myself with others with my own interpretation. My unique touch. And since then, I continue to enjoy working on Tantra and self-healing, and sharing with other souls.

What is Tantra? How to use? Can you tell us briefly?

Tantra is not a religion, it is a technology that brings together techniques to enable individuals to live free without fear and in the present moment. It can be used in combination with every known religion and even atheism. The main reason for this is that Tantra just like Shamanism says everything in existence is part of and one with existence. Tantra puts aside dividing labels like religion, race, gender.  Tantra accepts humans as part of and as one with everything that is in existence. It does not judge, or divide. For this reason, it can be used by anyone, no matter what belief or religion one may prefer.

Tantra includes meditation, arts such as dancing, painting, journaling and music, yoga or different physical activities and breathing exercises. Today, Tantra is mostly associated with sex. Yes, Tantra acknowledges the physical self as opposed to religions, and since sex is part of the human physical existence, Tantra does not see sex as taboo or as a form of restriction, and rather embraces it. Tantra interprets sex as a sacred act. Tantra reminds one to question constraints, limits, rules and labels. It encourages free, individual, transparent and authentic expression. The word Tantra means expansion. By focusing on the balance of mind, body and soul it talks about the expansion of consciousness of self into unity with all that is in existence with the awareness of being no-thing. It examines the relationship between life and death. Tantra says the foundation of an individual is his/her creative power (a.k.a. life force, life energy, sex energy, libido, love frequency) and sex is the creative and sacred physical expression of that energy. In other words, the expression of the love frequency.

It guides the person to find balance in one’s own sex, that is, in one’s relationship with oneself and to love oneself unconditionally. As one becomes free within, one also becomes free from everyone and everything that is outside. Tantra involves establishing a balanced relationship with our dark and light sides. This is sometimes referred to as ‘Shadow Work’. Tantras are applications that emphasize the indivisibility of wisdom and sharing, and are symbolized as the unity of the masculine and the feminine. It works on establishing balanced feminine and masculine energy flows in both individual and bilateral relations/communications.

What does sacred love and sacred sex mean to you?

Sacred love is the unconditional love of the person for self, and therefore, to his/her creation/creator/essence (whatever you would like to name it). This is referred to as ‘the 5D consciousness/frequency’. Tantra considers every individual and everything in existence to be sacred (divine). The individual begins to heal, where she/he begins to perceive his own sacredness (divine-self). Likewise, when the individual is in a relationship (or in any interaction really” romantic, work, family, friendship), she/he considers the counterpart to be sacred just as her/himself. If we consider ourselves and everything that exists as sacred, we love ourselves and everything else unconditionally. This is sacred love; unconditional love; 5D consciousness. Sacred sex is the sex made consciously in the 5D consciousness. Why is consciousness important? Because sex is a form of consumption and like everything else should it be not consumed in a balanced manner?

Life is every moment we are in the balance of consumption and production.

Can you teach us a routine that we can practice at home every day?

A basic yet important ritual for sacred love and sacred sex is to always intend for clear, honest, open, fearless, unlimited, unlabeled, non-judgmental communication. As every change begins within us, one of the first practices I would recommend would be to focus on speaking one’s truth despite the fear of loss or rejection. It is important to practice talking openly, honestly and from the heart with ourselves and our counterparts, especially if we want to improve our physical sex life. Honestly and fearlessly expressing our fantasies, wishes, and desires heals our core and relationships; setting us free.

Other than that, many of us do not touch ourselves enough if ever. Touching ourselves and especially our sexual organs, while watching ourselves in the mirror is an important way to visually establish communication with our physical being. I recommend this to be practiced as a sacred routine. Touching ourselves helps us to get to know ourselves. Communication is one of the important areas I focus on in my own routines. Apart from that, of course I recommend you to learn meditation and make it a part of your life J

Do you think men should apply these methods as well as women?

Absolutely. The clients I work with via are usually men. Men give importance and priority to their sexual healing. They even share what they have learnt with their female counterparts.

Crystals have been used in supporting the matters of spirituality. We will soon be selling yoni eggs on our website. Do you think yoni eggs should be used for healing?

If the muscles in the pelvic floor ( ) are not exercised regularly, like all other muscles in our body, they may sag and lose sensation. Muscles in this area should be exercised like all the other muscles in our body. Yoga is a good tool for this. Another advice is the consciously done Kegel exercises ( ). Yoni eggs, on the other hand, are crystal stones that are used by inserting into the vaginal canal to exercise the muscles and expand the pleasure capacity in the area. It has been used throughout history especially in Asia. Like anything else, it should be used consciously. The originality of the crystal, the size, smoothness, how long it should be kept in the vaginal canal and what exercises should be done should all be researched before using. There are many women who account to being satisfied with their experiences with yoni eggs. I cannot tell you about my experience because I have never used yoni eggs. Hopefully though, I can purchase some when starts selling them J

What is the relationship between the chakras and sacred love?

It is said that the balancing of chakras (link: ) and freeing them from blockages lead to the third eye (link: ), namely the pineal gland (link: ) of the person to open, enabling them to gain a balanced bodily chemistry and remember the consciousness of existence. The ability of energy moving fluidly through the chakras helps us maintain a balance in life.

An enlightened or in other words a balanced individual experiences sacred, unconditional love leading her/him down the path of her/his essence (a.k.a life calling, soul purpose). This is sacred love. Sacred love is finding and living my true self. As I continue on my path to enlightenment, my sacred love becomes conscious, heals, deepens and is manifested in the physical realm reciprocally. To find my core is also to choose to see my dark side, while walking on the path of the heart, and to love, express freely and unconditionally by embracing my dark core. For this reason, shadow / dark and light work is done by working on the chakras. This is also known as alchemy, energy transmutation. This process reflects on our relationships and sex life.

What would you like to say to our readers?

A Tantric seeks spirituality in all areas of the material world. Tantrics are at peace with basic human nature. Tantra is a way to challenge the ego. Regardless of the obstacles we encounter in life, we proceed by confronting our dark sides through our Tantric practice. This gives rise to self-healing. For example, if we have problems with trust, these will appear in your attitude towards Tantra. Tantra requires us to address our problems with mental focus or willpower. If we feel anything about any aspect of our physical being and natural desires, we must learn to overcome this programming. If we have sexual problems, these problems will come to our attention to be healed along the way to Tantra. In my opinion, Tantra path is a karma analysis path. May love be our light. For your questions, you can contact me here ( ). With love to everyone.

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