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If a door opens in front of you

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If a door opens in front of you

Author: Stella Namet Abulafya

Instagram: @s_telllll

If a door opens in front of you, why are you afraid to enter if you have an invitation?

We all have a past through new gates that open from time to time in life. Although these doors sometimes open as expected, they can sometimes push you in an unexpected direction.

With the change of the country in the recent past, I have placed myself in a country where I do not know the language but I think I know the people very well. I realized that I didn't know anything I knew in this country when I stepped out of my comfort zone after 1,5 years.

My workplace was closed due to financial problems and I suddenly found myself in an environment where I did not fully know my legal rights and did not know how to look for a job.

Although I knew very well what kind of work I could do, for some reason my self-confidence was quite low than not knowing the language well. My thoughts turned into a lot when I met an introduction in a WhatsApp group.

I found my body in an eight-day chair of a wolf, which I said I cannot speak and understand.

How bad could it be, that the worst is to stay one hour and take the courage to say, take the 25-kilometer road in 1.5 hours, and by the state almost free of charge to the immigrants for a bagel fee, the course is worth at least 100 times more equivalent, I set off for Tel Aviv, which is perhaps the small but overcrowded, different and interesting city in the world.

It wasn't my friend who announced the course. He doesn't know anyone you can understand, I even entered through this door where I wasn't even sure I could express myself.

I started the course, I made every day's program, every day's exercises and every day's presentations in this country's original language.

Today was the last day of his course. When I walked through this door eight days ago, I had never thought that I would be so pleasant and successful. On the contrary, I entered in an hour to get out. At the end of the course I recognized more than two hundred new words, 15 new people. I've known people who have settled here for a different reason, like me, looking for a job, wanting to make a life, reach their dreams, and be shy of the difference in life and culture and the truth. If I had said that when I read that article, “Oh, what am I doing, my language is not good, turn your back while you are not working, ne what would my self-confidence be pumped; nor would I have clues on how to look for a job. Nor would I realize that everyone was as timid as I was and needed support.

The interior of your box can be pleasant and peaceful, but you must push yourself out to be born. It hurts a little, but then you find a whole universe embracing you with love.

The reason I share this article on this portal is to realize that everything that is presented to you on this site will carry you to a completely different consciousness and do not hesitate to enter through the opened door.

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