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How to cleanse your crystals?

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How to cleanse your crystals?

Author: Dilek Koç

Instagram: @reikiegitim 

Crystals, children of the Earth… Their powers were discovered in the time of Atlantis; Civilizations such as shamans, ancient Anatolian Turks, Uigurs, and those who worked with Light have always used their help and energy for healing and have been used for healing since ancient times.

With the minerals they contain and the energy they contain, they are the most magical gifts the Universe gives us.

The crystals protect us by absorbing negative energy and electromagnetic fog. Because of these properties, crystals should be cleaned frequently. In particular, the crystals that you use in the form of jewelry, you must absolutely purify before wearing.

How to cleanse your crystals? | Blog

Since the hardness of each crystal is different, some cleaning methods (especially keeping them in water added with rock salt) may degrade the structure of your crystals and cause melting.

Methods for cleaning crystals are as follows:

  • Wash for 1-2 minutes under fine running water and dry it.
  • You can keep it in brown rice bed (do not use that rice again).
  • You can purify with Palo Santo or with different incense.
  • You can clean it with a pendulum.
  • You can place it in a corner of your house to see the moon in full moon time and wait until morning.
  • If you are working with Reiki energy, you can clean it with Reiki.
  • Soak in soil. (Do not use the soil afterwards. Do not use the soil of the flowers in your home for purification.)
  • Soak in rock salt. (Cleaning the jewellery with this method may cause deterioration of the metal parts of your jewellery; instead of this method, you can choose one of the other methods for cleaning your necklaces.)
  • You can wait for 3 hours in the pyramid hanging in the middle of the pendulum.

In my opinion, the most practical and easiest method is to clean the crystals inside the pyramid by hanging pendulum inside the pyramid. The pyramid not only acts as a lens that draws negative energy, but also thanks to the pendulum hanging in the middle, it also cleans and cleanses. 

Some information on the use of crystals:

  • Do not wear it at night. Their energy is quite high. It can affect your sleep.
  • Remove during shower. Shampoo impairs the quality of your crystal.
  • Do not let anyone to touch your crystal.
  • You can swim with your crystal; The purifying power of sea water is high.
  • Use your energized and purified crystals before installing your jewelry. I recommend that they be cleaned before each use.

In the magical world of crystals, we hope that the crystals you use will always be light and healing.

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