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Heal Emotional Eating Addiction With Breath

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Heal Emotional Eating Addiction With Breath

Author: Ezgi Okyay

Instagram: @ozedonerken

Do you find yourself eating food or dessert even though you do not feel hungry? When you get stressed, do you see the solution as stuffing your mouth? Have you been progressing in the weight gain and lose cycle for years? And you want to get rid of all this? Then you are in the right place. Read on.

Since childhood, sweet food has been one of the greatest pleasures I have had from life. I lived for years thinking that there was an extra space for dessert for my stomach :) I had an area that I would devote to dessert, no matter how full I feel. But that space I filled was not my stomach. And precisely for this reason, I could never fill that gap no matter how much I eat. I always found myself relieving myself by eating myself when I experienced changes in emotions, when I was afraid, when I felt stressed, when I felt insecure and many other emotions.

Diets made periodically over the years… Weight gained and then lost. The sleep that dives by looking at the chocolate photos during the diet period, is the desire to eat or feelings that cause your desire to eat? Dieting, doing sports or paying attention to a healthy and regular diet are definitely very useful for human physiology and psychology. Unfortunately, what he wants to eat emotionally is not enough to be completely healed. So if you are addicted to emotional eating like me, I will suggest you a great breathing exercise.

You can experience a wonderful transformation by devoting 5 minutes a day to this breath training taught by Yogi Bhajan in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation in 1979. Yogi Bhajan stated that this study can make a revolution in one's addictions when done 31 minutes a day for 90 days. My advice to get you started is 5 or 11 minutes a day. You can then proceed by increasing it by 1 minute every day or 1 minute every few days.

Preparations and Practice of Breath Study

Heal Emotional Eating Addiction With Breath | Blog

If you are sitting on the floor, you can sit with your legs straight out, if your knees pose or if your knees have problems, and your feet are touching the ground. You can support yourself with a cushion under the hip or lean your back against the wall so that the spine does not bend when you stretch your legs forward. The important thing in the posture is that the spine is always upright and the head follows the spine. If it is difficult for you to sit on the floor, you can work by sitting upright on the chair or seat and putting both feet on the floor.

Since this is a work in Kundalini Yoga taught by Yogi Bhajan, you can say the opening mantra that you connected to your own inner guidance that we used to open the lessons at the beginning of the study. And you can ask for guidance from you during this process.

You will repeat the following mantra 3 times after exhaling several times with your hands in prayer pose (palms are combined in the middle of the chest, arms are parallel to the floor and the thumbs touch the heart center).

“Ong Namo Guru Giant Namo”

Meaning: I bow in front of the eternal and sacred wisdom in me.

Close the right nostril with the thumb of your right hand and the other four fingers point straight to the sky.

You can stand free on the left knee of the left hand or put Gyan Mudra on the left knee (thumb and forefinger combined, the other 3 fingers next to each other and the arm pointing straight towards the sky).

Take a long, deep breath through the left nostril and fill your breath first into your belly, then to your chest and finally to your collarbones. Hold as much as you can hold your breath. Then again release the breath from the left nostril and hold it as far as you can. When you want to take your breath again, start filling from the left nostril to the abdominal-breast-collarbone bones and continue the exchange at your own pace.

Let your body be very comfortable during breathing training, never squeeze your chin and body. Feel your breath holding over your heart.

Slowly lower your right hand onto the right knee and breathe deeply through both nostrils, then slowly release the breath. Repeat the same stream a few more times.
Then, by repeating the closing mantra 3 times in prayer pose, stop working.

Closing Mantra;

Sat Nam: The truth is my identity.

You may intend to do this work initially for 40 days. Afterwards, you can continue as much as you wish and add to your daily practice. I recommend you to take short notes during those days, no matter how many days you started. You can keep track of how you are changing day by day, as the days progress. This will enable you to see your continuity and development. I suggest you do the same time every day in order to discipline the work. It will be very useful to raise awareness for the continuation of the day, especially if you prefer daytime hours.

Heal Emotional Eating Addiction With Breath | Blog

When you experience eating attacks during this exercise period, my advice to you is to repeat this exercise for 3 minutes again or to take 7 long deep breaths. So your mind will calm down. Afterwards, if you ask yourself if you still want to eat and if the desire decreases a little, it will be very supportive in the name of the process that will stop eating by disrupting the flow that the mind has learned. If you are not on a diet, it is useful to eat when you feel that you cannot resist instead of suppressing the desire to eat as it is during the diet processes, but to raise awareness with what emotion. Which emotion result do you want to eat, which emotion are you suppressing, which space you fill? Could you be sabotaging yourself somehow? Could you be attacking food in order to punish, sabotage yourself as a result of your anger or self-love?

In this process, please, if possible, intend to dive deep into your addiction and go down to its source. How long have you had this addiction and how did it come about? As you begin to find the real resources, understand yourself, and fill in the gaps you find, you will realize that your addiction will be healed day by day. And do not forget to always approach yourself with compassion in this process.

Hope you to heal.

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