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Heal Documentary

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Heal Documentary

Yazar: @kurumsalevhanimi

When a documentary that I wanted to watch for a very long time finally came to Netflix, I had the chance to watch it.


I think that people who have an autoimmune disorder but the cause of this disorder cannot be found will understand me very well. If you, too, have visited doctor by doctor, tried different drug treatments or could not be diagnosed in any way, I think watch this documentary. Maybe you can find something from yourself.

There are some documentaries, for example when I watched "That Sugar" I thought everyone should watch it. Heal, on the other hand, is a little different, it appeals much more to people who meet the criteria I mentioned above. In some places I even saw a piece of myself and cried.

Although I am very concerned about healthy eating, there is a lesson I have learned from what I have read for a long time. Eat as healthy as you want, and eat the most organic vegetables in the world if you want. If you are under stress, if you have traumas that you cannot solve about the past, if you feel extremely pressured as these issues come to mind, it is very likely that illnesses will knock on your door.

There is a saying I love very much. "Once a person becomes aware of something, it will not be the same again. It is for this reason that our eyes open not after reaching forty, but after realizing." So I guess we need to be aware of it and gather ourselves a little bit.

Documentary comes into play at this point. It certainly does not emphasize modern medicine, stay away from drugs. It talks about the requirements of all of them, but reminds us that we should also embrace the power and belief in us to heal.

🔸 Our thoughts cause chemical and biological changes in our body. Stress is the biggest factor.

It is very important to eat well. If we switch to a good diet, we can achieve a faster recovery rate than the rate at which the disease spreads.

🔸 It is very important to believe in healing, we must be aware that belief will change biology.

🔸 In a drug trial, 100 people are given a new drug and 100 people are given a placebo. Sometimes, those who do not take the drug at the same rate as those who do not get better. This is a testament to the impact of belief on biology.

🔸 Have you ever thought about negative thoughts if placebo medications can affect positively? Negative thinking can actually stress us and make us sick with the pressure it creates on our body. I used to build my life on scenarios, always think about bad things, and then move on to another even more negative subject, I couldn't get out of it. Over time, I started to file this aspect of me. There is still a way to go, but okay.

🔸 If we change our perception of our environment, if we change our mindset (it is not easy, I realize), we can say that I am the master of my genetic activity, not the victim of our genetic makeup.

🔸 One of the most important healing tools is to try to heal unresolved traumas related to childhood and to realize the emotions that restrict us in our subconscious because emotional blockages can cause physical blockages. Healing our inner child is of paramount importance here.

🔸 Meditation is very important for relaxing the mind. I am not very good at this area or did not apply it as it should be, but I decided to try again.

🔸 In summary, we do not realize how important it is to be alive and to be healthy. We should be more attentive to ourselves and focus on joy. Can I do it? Little but I make an effort.

Let's not forget, we choose ourselves what to believe. Believing in recovery without the shadow and stress of fears should be our starting point.

I hope everyone can write their own healing story and be healthy.


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