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Habits can change

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Habits can change

Author: Stella Namet Abulafya

Instagram: @s_telllll

When we say New Year; Christmas, Christmas trees, snowy days, ‘Santa Claus’ and his deers comes to mind. Yet for half the world, the New Year is hot, on the coast, surfing and family barbecues in the garden.

When the text is mentioned, it comes to mind from left to right, 29 letters, Latin alphabet and English. However, there are around 7000 different languages ​​spoken around the world, many alphabets written from right to left, top to bottom, or with symbols.

When it comes to healthy living, probiotics, organic foods, sports, special diet lists, but half of the world is on the hunger line, drinking clean water is luxurious, flying insects can not even be considered a menu.

But, of course, it is difficult to think differently when we add to our well-known ways of thinking and harmonious movements.

So these perceptions, thoughts can change? Where should one start if they want to leave the comfort zone and change themselves?

Is the time flowing fast but still 24 hours worth spending time to acquire new habits?

They always say, and it is always a matter of discussion, “Who knows a lot, reads a lot?” If you are going to make a change, I think it would be right to apply these two golden rules.

The subconscious's duty is to protect us. That's why he doesn't like innovations or changes. Because it involves a partial amount of risk in innovation and changes. Since the subconscious and the risk do not make love to each other, it will not put its best to keep us away from everything.

I think the biggest risk to the subconscious is the unknown. Our subconscious, who does not like the unknown, uncertainty, will choose to protect us by directing us to the known. They say; ‘A man prefers to live a hell he knows rather than a paradise he doesn't know.’

It is certain that it is not easy to change the habit of thinking because our subconscious mind will choose to protect habits after creating them. However, if you have a lot of try to fight, but very much will not change with the habit, it is said. This requires powerful tools. Reading, studying, traveling, watching, communicating with new people and listening to their stories will open up new horizons and it will be a matter of time before you meet yourself in a direction you don't think or know.

It is easy to write, it is easy to say, but those who desire to be high will not find exaggeration, the words and acceleration in the lines.

When we're on the shores of 2020, can we find a spark that will trigger a change we've buried in a long time?

Can we get a book and head out to see a new place?

Do we absolutely do something we never do? Can we have the courage to say a word that is not expected from us? Can we make a new year list that isn't the kind of sport I'm going to start doing? Can we take the step with ourselves into an uncertain environment from an environment we think we love very much?

Binary years carry in its charm. Let 20-20 such a year.

Astrologers say that for this year there will be 4 eclipses instead of 6 (both sun and moon); Eclipses accelerate processes and push events to completion. They raise and resolve what is happening in our lives. It's magical, life-changing and not the repetition, but the year of discovering ourselves.

Let's take a deep breath this year and let go of the things that are piling up on us. It's a good time to turn yourself in and cut out the things that stop us.

Do your best, follow the signs.
Have a great year.
Now repeat with me:
I'm about to enter the perfect year of my life ...

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  • Aug 01, 2020

    I.m about to enter the perfect year of my life

    — Estelle

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