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Author: Stella Namet Abulafya

Instagram: @s_telllll

I was type three. Two, when I interact with people. And nine, when I feel good.

You don't understand why I'm talking about it. When I listened to someone else's output, I thought just like you.

I said to my friend, "What do you say for God's sake, can you tell me?"

It turns out there was a personality test called "Enneagram".

Don't think of it as complicated as its name, it's a system created with a very simple logic, and it's a very old story. The first roots are BC. It is thought that the authentic Enneagram, which dates back to 2500s, is not found in written sources and carried with oral tradition for centuries, is based on Sufism and is shaped by the Central Asian and Anatolian sufism.

The enneagram is derived from the Latin words ennea = nine and gram = line-drawing. This system expresses nine main personality types. By knowing which of these nine main personality types the person belongs to, he knows his weaknesses and passions. Like 'Know Yourself' in the Delphi temple, the 'Enneagram' philosophy can also be considered as a philosophy of self-awareness.

While solving the test, our goal is to reach our own reality, our own Self, by recognizing our own personality. Every person has his own Self. The society and environmental factors that we were born into after birth constitute the basis of our personality, while our essence is gradually covered and becomes invisible over time. While we are turning around in a loop that we think we know ourselves, if we gently look at the veil that covers our Self, we will also see our reality. The enneagram comes into play right here.

Enneagram, the art of self-awareness, can also be used to get to know others. For example, in matters such as employee selection and spouse selection. If we know which personality model the person is belonging to, we can also learn what behavior he/she can show in which situation and how we can influence him/her and we can direct that person in the direction we want.

Although it sounds like a dream, today, it is used very effectively both in social life, business life and academic circles in developed countries. The enneagram is taught at the most prestigious universities in the world today. For example, Stanford University M.B.A. is included in the program as a lesson. It is taught as an applied course as a personality analysis at Harvard University Faculty of Law. It is taught as a lecture in business, psychology, medicine, and education departments of many universities, especially in USA.

The enneagram system divides people into 9 different personality types according to their perspective on the world, their way of perceiving and evaluating the world, and how they react. These personality types are:

  1. Perfectionist,
  2. Helpful,
  3. Succeeding,
  4. Individual (Tragic Romance),
  5. Researcher,
  6. Inquirer,
  7. Enthusiastic,
  8. Leader and Strong,
  9. Compatible.

Each enneagram type has its own strengths and weaknesses. So no type is superior to any other. Every personality type has a different perspective on the world. Each type perceives, evaluates and reacts to events from its own perspective.

Look at you, where are you, your spouse, your manager, your staff, your parents, your children?

Maybe then we better understand why we do some movements, establish more peaceful relationships and live more peacefully with life.

You can reach out the test from here.

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