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Energy Increasing Methods with Pendules and Bovismeters

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Energy Increasing Methods with Pendules and Bovismeters

Author: İlona Levi Kurubaş

Instagram: @ilonalevi

Due to my recent life transformations, I started to receive training especially in the field of spiritual and alternative medicine. The first of these, considered my favorite discoveries is pendulum. It is your next generation life guide! 

In its simplest terms, the material system consisting of moving solids oscillating under the influence of its weight around a fixed point or axis is called a pendulum.


There are various types of pendulums and many different uses. For example, the geologist's mineral exploration uses Holweck-Lejay's flexible pendulum, which is highly sensitive. Since the ore or oil found in any place causes irregularity in the acceleration of that place, the found value of the acceleration gives information about the amount or type of ore deposit there.

Pendules; they can be made of natural stones (Quartz Family), metal, brass, glass or even wood. We need to use Pandules made of natural stones to get answers by healing and communicating with the higher self.


In order for our pendulum to be compatible with us and to be programmed, it must be purified from all the negative energy and information it has gathered from the moment it exists on the earth until it reaches us.

The most frequently asked questions to my pendulum composed of chakra stones that I coded for myself (by training from Dilek Koç, Reiki Trainer) are the questions that can form the answer Yes or No. Is this food suitable for me? (putting on top of the food) or if I'm caught between two colors on the outfit. The other area I use; I use it for energy measurement and energy boosting with bovismeter! Especially in areas such as fertility, abundance and chakra opening.


With a pendulum, the energy of a space, object or person can be measured. It can be understood which number corresponds to this measurement Bovismeter. The average frequency of a healthy person is 6500 Bovis units. This corresponds to an orange wave. One patient is an average of 4000 Bovis units at opposite frequency. In this case, those with frequencies below 6500 may affect you negatively.

Bovis Scale

The frequency of a space represents the energy quality of that space. You can also assimilate this in the foods you consume. Organic products and natural products have a high energy level.

Other products with low energy frequency are technological products that emit radiation. For example, mobile phones.


In 1930, French physicist Anton Bovis studied the life force energy of a substance emitted in every living being. The French physicist developed the Bovismeter to measure the quality of white cheese and wine. But then it expanded as the energy of every atom. The basis of this method; It is similar to the method in which they try to find groundwater by keeping two sticks parallel to the ground.

With the Bovismeter and Pendulum, you can measure the energy of everything and increase the energy with the help of the coded pendulum if you find that the energy you have measured is insufficient. Even yours!

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