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Elephant in the room

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Elephant in the room

Yazar: Stella Namet Abulafya


The British have an enormous phrase "Elephant in the Room". This expression is not used to indicate that there is an elephant in the room, of course. You enter the hall of your house, an elephant is sitting on the sofa. But everyone inside is being sued as if he is unaware of him, continuing to chat and watch television. The elephant is annoying everyone, eating food, messing around, but in vain. Nobody talks about him. Everyone ignores it. In short, everything is spoken except the elephant in the room ...

This idiom is used for problems in our life that we ignore. You know, there are some problems, they are at the center of our lives, they are impossible not to be seen or disturbed. We prefer to pretend not to notice, to pretend that we are not disturbed, that nothing is happening. However, this preference will / must change eventually. Because the elephant shows its presence in the middle of our lives in a way that everyone can see / know with all its grandeur. With our ignoring reaction, this situation never and never changes, perhaps even more obvious and disturbing.

Nowadays the elephant in the room is earthquake. We've been in our room since 1999, but we've always ignored it. We took so-called measures in our heads and the state collected a lot of taxes from us. We also made DASK insurances. What happened? Again, wrong construction, again wrong plans, and again fabricated approved buildings.

Earthquake bags thrown behind the back, non-repetitive education in schools… As we have seen, when that elephant does not talk and resolve, its effects are greater than we can imagine.

Well, if this elephant is in the middle of the marriage, either if your child cannot approach you with a different identity choice, if you fall in love with your boss, or your manager at the company is harassing you… We can reproduce the examples step by step.

If we get into politics, for example, if the income gap between the rich and the poor has reached a very high level in a country, everyone is aware of this situation but if no politician wants to talk about it.

So let's evaluate our lives. "Unquestioned life is not worth living," says Socrates. Let's question our lives. Let's realize what goes well, what goes well, what goes well, let's try to increase their weight and effects in our lives. Let's be aware of what's going wrong, what's going wrong, what's going wrong. Let's think about it, work as a problem that needs to be solved, let's work, let's work. Let's identify the problem and our stance, determine the causes and consequences, and identify solutions. Then let's do our best to get rid of this problem without stopping and delaying. If there are issues that we cannot get out of, let's seek support from someone with more experience. However, let us know that we cannot take that elephant out of that room without struggling, tiring or trying, and only hoping for the support of others. We have to do everything we can to get the elephant out of that room with patience and perseverance, by gathering our courage, taking our final decision, making our struggle, and enduringly. And let's not get used to living together in the same room as an elephant. If we get used to it, our horizons will narrow, our mobility will decrease, and our life will cease to be livable and perhaps will be in danger. On top of that, our energy will decrease, our possibilities will decrease, our hope will decrease.

So let's get up all the time, see the elephant, take it out of our living room and see how to live a happier, happier, more accurate, more meaningful life.
I said, but I know that a huge elephant stands in the middle of all our lives as humanity, its name is Corona, and no matter how much we try to look in other directions, it collapses and scares us from time to time. This breathtaking feeling: disappearing.

Existence is an important concept, and many thinkers have formed philosophies by dealing with questions such as why we exist, what is the purpose of existence. The issue I mostly stuck with is the absence and disappearance. Miracle of life, we are born out of trillions of possibilities, we come 1st out of 1 million sperm, we are born champions, long live!


But the reality of death is not probability we are definitely dying, dying 20 billion in 20 billion, eventually losing. This is for sure.


It is also true.

While we were a miracle and champion at birth, we are so ordinary and new in death. Think for a moment that you are gone. You can't eat chocolate, watch another series of movies, you can't have sex, there's nothing you do while living from the simplest to the most complex, no, no. What is the meaning of the discussions you have now, the struggles that you see very important? If you are glorious in billions of years, live 85 years! How insufficient, short, small our existence is in the infinity of absence ..

Of course I'm not the only one flirting with the elephant in the room! I love dealing with everything in the room, from the smallest to the largest, from the tastiest to the saddest. When I make eye contact with the elephant, I seem to accept its presence. I know his presence is a symbol of something that will destroy me, but we don't realize the value of life as we ignore it.

I will say that Corona is roaming our room like an elephant and will be with us for a while. Let us keep our attention on the elephant and enjoy its existence because that elephant can destroy us only the world we know in our minds, but not our moments worth living.

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