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Do You Have a Dream?

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Do You Have a Dream?

Author: Selmin Erk

Instagram: @selminerk

Have you ever thought that you can do much more on a particular subject than you are doing now? Which topic(s)? Perhaps because we do not understand how comprehensive potential we have, we limit our wishes to the level we know we can achieve.

Now I invite you to the awareness of your dreams.

At a convenient time of the day, retreat to a quiet, undisturbed place. Have a pen and a notebook ready for Stage 3.

1) Pay your attention to your breath. Follow your 10-20 breaths calmly and naturally.

2) Think: Do you have a desire to fulfill in your life? What would you choose if you could do anything you want, whatever you want (compatible with the laws of nature)?

Ask yourself the questions below and let your imagination be free. Think of it as if your request came true:

What kind of future makes me feel good and gives peace?
What should I develop myself to make this positive future come true?
What skills or abilities do I need to get there?
What kind of situations should I overcome? How do I feel when I exceed it?

When I think of myself in this beautiful future;
Who am I with?
What am I skilled at doing? How does this feel?
How am I spending my time? How does this feel?
How do I look? How does this feel?

3) Setting goals
A vision is one of the greatest powers on this planet. Most of us stop dreaming unlimited at an early age. But all progress in the world begins with a dream. Technical developments, treatment of diseases, freedom of nations ... What could we do if we were really open to trying what is here and now? Set a goal that challenges and excites you: business, relationship, travel, whatever… Let it be a goal you have never achieved before. If you have lost 10 kg in a given time, do not choose the same.

"Anyone who wants to develop his life in new areas should be a dreamer!"

Moving towards the goal: You set the goal in the first step. Setting goals is a highly conscious process. You have created a mind visual of your goal, you can see through the eyes of mind. To move in that direction;

Write the date of reach.
Create a specific plan.
Write down the people, organizations and publications you can get support for.
To achieve the goal, it is necessary to be emotionally involved in this idea and to act and act in the direction of the mind image. Focus on thinking, feeling like you're on the target. Which feature do you need to develop for yourself? The real dream comes into play here!
Write your target on a card, carry it with you and pay attention every day.

If you want support on this subject, you can contact me.

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