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Author: Stella Namet Abulafya

Instagram: @s_telllll

Claustrophobia is known as fear of confined space. People with this phobia are often afraid to enter closed and small places, and when they enter, they have a panic attack. They think they will be breathless and drown. Psychologists say that this feeling can often be caused by traumatic events in childhood.

However, we are in the days of claustrophobia, which has nothing to do with childhood trauma. The Corona virus, which is on the agenda of the whole world, somehow imprisoned us all in our narrow spaces in our minds even further and we are in a great effort so that we cannot get out of there. The dosage of fear that occurs as you stay inside is quite high.

I did not have a war, I do not remember much of the curfew periods since I was very young, so why am I still indoors because of my experience of staying in a solution-oriented closed place from the past? I ask myself, why are we afraid of getting stuck inside?

Psychologists say; do some work to overcome fear. For example; Change your perception, give opportunity to face fear, struggle with anxiety, try to control thoughts. Breathing and relaxation exercises will also help overcome this process. They alleviate our fear of being in touch with yoga and nature. We are afraid that that closed space will swallow us, strangle us, kill us. But we never ask ourselves this question; Who's afraid?

Because we live the feared person, we feel stuck in the place where we stay closed. However, the person who is afraid is our creation. It is our personality that is independent of us, created by the social consciousness and which we think. We give him our fears and make us feel breathless as a result of all the effects. If you get your fears from him now, will he still die inside?

Consciousness comes in here. We somehow make ourselves invisible because we cannot consciously face our fear. We are breathless in that room. What is in that room? If we notice, there is actually nothing but ourselves in the room.

Our fears, our failures, our need for love, our expectation for value, our insecure areas, our fragility, our disappointments ... If the fears created by these emotions threaten, our fear level is high, and if we can cope, our fear level is low. However, none of the fears are real, some of our stories. The perceptions we create to be able to exist ourselves. If we do not want to die in that closed room by being breathless, we need to know the causes of our fears.

When we stop deceiving ourselves and realize that there is nothing other than me in that room, we will have already eliminated the feeling of claustrophobia. It is true that when our perception changes, we will face a huge gap and when the change begins, it will happen when we notice that gap. Now when we want to put that space into the void that we have created… Does anyone fear a place like this created by their own hands? Of course not, but I guess we are doing the opposite in life. Why? So that we have stories to tell.

Whose story do we like to listen to? Who wants to listen to the journey of someone who is halfway through, living in a panic attack. If we want to have a story, we should be able to calm ourselves for him and not be afraid of being closed in that room. While we are in that room with nothing but us, we will not have a story to tell, but we will be telling ourselves. They will come to listen to us, not me, a claustrophobic person who can pull himself out of the closure. The story is on the way. It's not your story that matters. Let people listen to you for you, not for the story you created.

Now I have come to the most important question, do I want this? Who am I here? Who is asking these questions to me? Am I afraid of staying inside? or is it me who created it?

As Stefana D’Anna says, "The real disease of man is outside him". For him, it is not an inner world, but the outer world has become an obsession to be admired and admired. Anything that comes from outside must be transformed. Our transformations will fill the void as a new life.

I've been listening to Mooji's live Satsang connection for a few mornings. This is the sentence that brought me to myself this morning.

If you understand what I'm saying now, sit down. If you don't understand, give yourself time to understand. If you say "I don't have time, life is waiting for me," then come back to talk when you have time.

I wish all of us good days to protect our mental health together with our body.

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  • Jan 12, 2021
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  • Aug 01, 2020

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    As I did 12 days of self quarantine at the beginning of March and now have to go again with the whole world, I have learned this could be a positive experience. Relax, breath, imagine the world outside is not relevant. You are the most important part, you and your family.
    We do not need many things, we have everything inside our heads.
    Funny, I’m the kind of person that never spends any time at home. The past few days, I just can’t get enough.
    Enjoy these tomes, they will never be here again.

    — nir zavaro

  • Aug 01, 2020

    Thank you,

    I read your post from keepolim group, thank you for sharing, I really liked your text and I can feel and hear your story. Learning to breathe and yoga, new things for me and I now understand that they help. Also talking to someone by phone and catching up with old friends. From an also ex almost claustrophobic as well,friend, taly

    — Taly

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