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Author: Stella Namet Abulafya

Instagram: @s_telllll

Where is the best place to spend time when you get meet with a friend but you get there early?

For me, it is the bookstore...

As of the new year, I still haven't bought myself a calendar. It is not known whether I have any new plans or I have fewer plans this year, but I came across it when I was looking for a calendar in a bookstore.

Michelle Obama's book in 2018 in the United States appeared on breaking first month sales records, which already reached 10 million readers around the world, which topped the charts in 11 countries and translated into 43 languages ​​while "Becoming / My Story" was published by Mundi Books in Turkey.

I had heard the book but had not yet acquired it. It was in my list. I wrote to myself that it should be read for many reasons. They say that America is a land of freedoms and equality, the country, which was the first time for a black prime minister. This was not the only reason I wanted to study. When she was a First Lady as a woman, I was wondering about her roots, her motherhood, the office with her husband, and how she continued her career.

A story that starts from the bottom step of the stairs and ends at the top step. But it's never a fairy tale. Because it's not a magic wand in your life, it doesn't change everything. She achieves everything she has by striving, fighting and dealing. Because she knows that believing is not enough. That's why she was on the list to be read, but I did not know that she also published a calendar with this book. Until I came across in the bookstore.

The name of the agenda; Making Your Own Voice

With the instructions in this agenda, it provides us with the keys to realizing ourselves and meeting our dreams. She points out that we can only achieve success by realistically questioning and striving.

There are pages in the agenda that she wants us to write a lot. In some, she wants us to write our dreams, in others, the anger in us, in others, the important figures in our lives. Agenda is not a magic wand, in order to be successful in our private life and business life, Obama underlines that transformation is not a matter of reaching anything you want. The crucial point she points out is our highest position to reach ourselves.

We all have different experiences, different origins, and most importantly different ways of thinking. The fact that the popular world tells us that we will reach our reality by finding our own voice, rather than taking on the shape that we want from us, has immediately acquired the notebook and went to meet my friend. Someone at checkout smiled when she saw the agenda in my hand. I guess she had it too and turned to me and said; "If you want to reach your own voice, you should learn to silence all other sounds in your head".

She was right.

When we close ourselves to sounds coming from outside, we will be able to hear what our inside means to us. Maybe we will have several failures, but we should ask them to guide us. A person who grows out of his mistakes can reach a different person, his own reality. While we are in such moments of transformation in our lives, we should never forget the ones that we hold. They are the stars that life adds to us.

It is a great idea to take this agenda when 2020 is just starting. Let me add a few tips from Michelle Obama;

"Be with the people who will be good for you and raise your energy."

"Try new things. Get out of your comfort zone. Being afraid is not a cure!"

"Discover good as early as possible. It's the only way to stop evil."

"Don't be shy to ask for help, don't hesitate! Which of us finished school without support?"

Enjoy your transformation journey…

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