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Animated films should be watched at all ages!

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Animated films should be watched at all ages!

Author: İlona Levi Kurubaş

Instagram: @ilonalevi

Especially recently, I have been forced to find something on television channels. As someone who is fed up with scenarios that are always dramatic or violent and that almost always describe the same family structures; I decided to create a series of articles here.

In this episode, I talked about 3 animated films with spiritual content that everyone loves from 7 to 70. You can download these movies with subtitles from the internet.

The Prophet (ERMİŞ) Blog

The Prophet:

The animation, where Roger Allers, one of the directors of the Lion King, is one of the names behind the camera, was adapted from the book Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet.

Mustafa, a thinker / poet who lives under house arrest in an exile city, is released by the authorities with the decision to be sent to his country. Kammit's little daughter, Almitra, who refuses to speak because her father is dead; Mustafa, who is accompanied by the authorities until the ship, follows this journey from afar. Mustafa shares his thoughts on vital issues such as marriage, love, work, good-evil, childhood, freedom and death with ordinary people he meets and loves along the way to the ship. Mustafa talks to everyone about the value of a human life shaped by tolerance and love.

The Little Prince (Küçük Prens) Blog

The Little Prince:

It is the first adaptation of the Little Prince as a full-length animation feature. Adapted to the cinema by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's classic 'Little Prince', a pilot finds himself in the middle of the deserted Sahara Desert and encounters a little boy from a very distant planet. Netflix started showing the movie to its members in 2016. This animation has also aroused great interest as it is an animation made with the stop-motion technique.

Stop-motion: It is an animation type that shows stationary 3D objects as if they were moving.

Ruhların Kaçışı (Spirited Away) Blog

Spirited Away:

One of the works of Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki. The movie opens with little Chihiro and his family moving to a new town. Watching for a tunnel they see on the road during the journey, the family will be enchanted by the fantastic world they encounter when they pass through the tunnel. It contains some fear. The movie is the first non-English production to have won an Oscar for Best Feature Animation so far.

The movie's release story is; it's quite simple! As Miyazaki thinks about retiring, she runs into her neighbor's house in the neighbor's home. He is so glum; is subject to animation. Thus, Miyazaki ceases to retire. Because the movie is the biggest blockbuster movie in Japan so far.

Although it has very in-depth characters and a wide plot, Spirited Away has no scripted script. In fact, this is true for all Miyazaki movies. He said that when he started working on a movie, and thus drawing, his ideas about the movie were incomplete and continued to take shape during the studies. According to Miyazaki, he doesn't make his films; the films make themselves and he just follows these ideas.

In my next article series, I will be covering Spritiel movies. In my third post; spiritual series will be on the way, stay tuned!

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