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A Reiki Experience

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A Reiki Experience

Author: @kurumsalevhanimi

Last year, when I shared my "Stress Management and Healing Techniques" post, it drew a lot of attention. We all experienced different awareness and introspections with the Heal Documentary. As a result, I started to research.

For years, I have heard of "Reiki" trainings, experts, and experienced people, but I never thought that I would take the training one day. When you start this kind of training and realize what it adds to you in life, you can't stop without continuing. First, I received Reiki Level 1 training and 3 months later I received Reiki Level 2 training.

Both trainings brought different knowledge and experiences to my life. I liked this very much because the higher the level, the more power and warmth you feel in your hand. I know it was strange at first, but over time I even liked it.

What is Reiki?

It is a technique that emerged in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century and is believed to be based on energy transfer and spiritual healing. Rei means "everywhere", which means "spiritual life energy". It has been translated to the West as "Universal Life Energy". However, esoterically the explanation of "life force energy carrying the consciousness of the supreme source and working with spiritual purpose" is a more comprehensive description. Reiki is a frequency and "Spiritual Healing Technique".


I think the most important point about healing energy in reiki is that the person is only a channel, that is, he does not transfer his own energy, but intends the energy in the universe to flow :)

Also, after the reiki training, I started to feel stronger and different. As if I discovered a secret power that I did not know before :) Anyway, it is always mentioned that reiki stimulates the self-healing ability of the body and strengthens the immune system. It was also a joy to witness this.

In summary, a system that performs mental - spiritual - bodily healing together. In fact, it makes us all aware of our life energy that exists after birth. With Reiki, we can also balance our distorted bodily energy.

What is initiation?

Reiki training is not enough, it is also necessary to be initiated by a Reiki Master. After the adaptation process, a period of 21 days is needed to fully adapt. In this process, it is very critical to do and repeat the daily homework regularly, because the more you use reiki, the stronger it is and you can feel it.

For now, this is all I will write about reiki, as my experience increases, I will add details to my post.


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