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A Mulberry Tree

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A Mulberry Tree

Author: Stella Namet Abulafya


We turn to a time when they call it "new normal" step by step. Tired of thinking what our normal was, our mind will get used to waking up and going to work, chatting live with friends instead of the screen. Hugging, holding someone's shoulder, holding a handkerchief to wipe away tears. While the Covid-19 era, which only places the distance between people, relaxes slightly, I am next to a Mulberry Tree planted between the two buildings by the site management. I am looking at the Mulberry Tree, which I have seen yesterday. Neither bigger than other trees, nor smaller than other trees. So.
I came to you.
I smiled.
"Hello," he said. "Do you want to taste it?"
"I would be very happy," I said. "Wouldn't you feel sorry if I took it off?"
"No," he said. “They are yours. I will be happy if you eat with pleasure. I renew myself again and again.
I smiled.
I lay down, tear off the branch, kindly one.
"Don't hesitate, please," he said. You can get more. Sharing makes me happy.
I collected a handful of love. I sat on the bottom, leaned my back and put a kiss on his body.
At that moment, I realized that abundance is always from soil.
At that moment, I understood that it took a great deal of patience to have abundance. And I thought, they planted it as a seed, nobody knew how tall the tree would be. Neither bigger than others, nor smaller than others. So.
If it was how big it should have grown. He did not decide on his own, the land decided how much to grow. He did not decide how lush it would be. He did not decide how many mulberries he was going to produce, either.

He just patiently waited for her time to come. He offered to grow himself, grow his leaves, gradually grow tiny little mulberries on his branches, change their colors, sweeten flavors, and when he matures, he chose to send himself back to the ground, either to his lovers. He patiently watched all his fruits slowly mix into the ground. Mulberry Tree, knows that its abundance comes from the soil, has lost all its fruits patiently and again,
He did not know that he would have a full note. Maybe it would be bare now, maybe it would be a tree without fruit anymore. Could this make it different from other trees? His name would always remain Mulberry Tree. with or without mulberry on it.

So why can't we wait patiently, when we lose something, they will come back to us with many blessings?
Isn't it tired of know, controlling and predicting us this much?
What is wrong with believing that blessings will find us patiently only by knowing nothing?
The Mulberry Tree smiled at me when I kissed its trunk. He also sent a gift. A single leaf flew from top to bottom, it was heart-shaped, the sound of my heart. And he said what happens to what happens, those who die will die.

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  • Aug 01, 2020

    Gercekten harika bir farkindalik agac nerden bilecekti ki ne boy olacagini ne kadar meyve dedigin gibi sabir ve teslimiyetle her sey olmasi gerektigi gibi oluyor.
    Bunu yasamima gecirmeye calisacagimm.Tesekkurler STELL💚

    — Cela

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