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6 spiritual series that you shouldn't miss

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6 spiritual series that you shouldn't miss

Author: İlona Levi Kurubaş

Instagram: @ilonalevi

I have no doubt that you will watch these series that will play with your mind! Every day, new series and documentaries send us to a different dimension in our inner world and our spiritual journey. Let's see which of those you will like most!

1. Atiye

I finished overnight! For this reason, it deserves to be in the first place…
The series, inspired by Şengül Boybaş's book "The Awakening of the World", is about the mystical story of a woman named Atiye, a young and beautiful painter. Having a happy life with his family and lover Ozan, Atiye's life becomes completely different with his visit to Göbeklitepe, the oldest temple in the world. During the trip to Atiye in the region, an archaeologist named Erhan discovers a symbol that there is a mystical connection between Atiye and Göbeklitepe. Deciding to go after this mysterious event, Atiye begins to search for his past in this ancient temple, which opened a completely different door for him. As Atiye opens the gates of the past, it begins to question everything between the past and the future, between truth and spiritual.

6 spiritual series that you shouldn't miss | Blog

2. The OA

A woman mysteriously disappears, her family's friends seeking for years gives no results. 7 years have passed and a woman wants to jump over a bridge and commit suicide. But when this attempt fails, he is taken to the hospital, and our heroine, whom we seek, turns out to be Prairie, his family reunited with him. In the 7 years that have passed, Prairie has changed a lot, the most obvious of which is now beginning to see the eyes, and there are many indeterminate marks on his body. So what happened during that 7-year period? What happened to Prairie? Let me tell you what happens when the nature of human is combined with the power of nature and send you to Netflix to watch the first episode with enthusiasm.

6 spiritual series that you shouldn't miss | Blog

3. Sense 8

Sense 8, a sci-fi masterpiece, tells about the unity of emotion that occurs between 8 different people of different countries who never know each other. A woman dies, and somehow a piece of news reveals a mental bond between them. When trying to unravel this bond, the danger is now very close for them.

 6 spiritual series that you shouldn't miss | Blog

4. Travellers

Another Netflix series in science fiction series, people living in the future do not just get stuck at that time, it is possible to go back to the past whenever they want. Now, even if they return to the present, they will protect the people of the 21st century from disasters. A series that will both be fun and develop your imagination.

6 spiritual series that you shouldn't miss | Blog

5. Kanaga

The shooting of the web series KANAGA, also produced by Mehmet Günsür, started in 2015. The series, which came to the screen in 2018, tells the story of Mardin Tamay, a 38-year-old Quantum Physicist. She has won multiple awards in the category of Best Supporting Actress (Sibel Günsür), Best Director, Best Screenplay and Music.

6 spiritual series that you shouldn't miss | Blog

6. Into the Inferno

Researching volcanoes of the world together with volcano scientist Clive Oppenheimer, he also succeeded in transforming the relationship between spiritual beliefs, beliefs from the past, and man's relationship with this incredible natural phenomenon.



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