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4 Aces

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4 Aces

Author: Stella Namet Abulafya

Instagram: @s_telllll

When they asked me to write, I thought yes. However, while I was regularly writing articles in two different magazines and my own blog, I didn't have to worry about how to find a new portal.

When I decided to write the topics as if they were falling from the sky in front of me. We can call this inspiration at the level of life, but we must remember that in order to reach inspiration, we need to focus first and then release ourselves.
I followed this rule exactly, and the subject of my first writing was inspired by Deepak Chopra's Self Enpowerment, which I followed regularly for 21 days.
Wishing you to read with pleasure and apply with awareness…

Deepak says in his speech:
Every successful creator needs to know 4 Aces.

Our day will be filled with elections as every day.
Some of our choices will be good, others will not be good.
Some will be made by conscious choices, others will be made up of habits and routine.
But we need to know that our daily choices will actually create our own personal realities. If we realize this, it will give us strength in our creations. It will point to us that we have the reality we will create.
The way to make more informed choices is when we focus on more specific and clearer choices.
Let's not forget that creation takes place from inside to outside, not from outside.

The closer your focus is to your awareness and the more calm you are, the more organized and powerful your mind will be.
In such a mental state, you are likely to make highly informed choices.
When our choices are made consciously, they will be more successful and more supportive of our lives. Such mistakes will be less in our mistakes in elections.

In this way, in order to make more informed choices, we can implement 4 Aces method.

“4 Aces method” consists of 4 letters of English.

Awareness keeps you informed because you can only change what you know. Awareness will come true when you are open to any situation and only if you are in a peaceful environment. Awareness makes you reach the maximum level as much as possible about your environment. Habits, expectations, prejudices, beliefs from others, cliché obedience and a narrow perspective affect your development of awareness. Pay attention to your point of view when you encounter such situations.

Being alert is a particular focus, awareness. When you pay attention to something, it is very important to focus on it. The topics we focus on are generally of interest. At that time, our creative power will support us and provide us with ways to achieve our focus. Our attention is weakened when we are concerned, suspicious, unable to focus on unclear desires, and multi-tasking, the greatest monster of our time, dealing with many issues at the same time. If we are in such situations, it is natural that we are not able to realize our wishes because we cannot focus our attention.

The state of adaptation passes from being intertwined with nature. The most valid rule in nature is based on consuming the least amount of energy while moving from one point to another. Unfortunately, we are living with extreme effort to reach a place in life. Therefore, we leave our state of consciousness to habits and confine it to a narrow space. If we develop our awareness and focus, we will be able to create our reality by consuming the least amount of energy. Our adaptation is harmed every day by the anxiety that causes us to think over-thinking, which is the most dangerous poison of our time. We guarantee that we will enjoy our creations if we free our consciousness that creates the situations that create anxiety.

The state of flow is defined as Bud not doing anything Bud in Buddhism philosophy. Not to create a situation that creates stress, not to choose a way to contradict the situation and not to consider two different ways at the same time. Being in the flow is like a passive state. Independence from the strong directions of ego can also be called. When we calm down the ego using the other methods above, you will realize how much the situation has improved in our favor.

With all these conscious thinking situations, we can live our lives with a more positive feeling, supported by life. When we leave our personal realities created with awareness and focus to a flow that is compatible with nature, there is no need to marvel at what we will have without any effort. I am sure that the results that will seem like miracles will make both ourselves and the lives of all the people we are in relationship beautiful.

This portal is precisely focused on this goal. Feel like name and heal. If you feel that something is wrong in your life, you will be delighted to take a step towards healing to create your own reality.

Already pleasant healings…

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